So my friend set up a Twitter account, along with a Blog, and a Facebook page that only has three bits of information on it – my name, that I live in Bakersfield, and that I am married.  I also have a Domain name and a Web site under construction.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of this social media.  Please be patient, the learning curve is long and slow.


“Hey, guess what?”  I said to my husband.  “I have a twitter account.”

 “That’s nice.”  He responded.

 “Now I can twit.”


 “Hmm, is that the past tense?”

 “Past tense of what?”

 “Is tweet the past tense of twit?”

 “No.  When you post to your Twitter account it’s called a tweet.”

 “How come if it’s a Twitter account it’s not a twit?”

 Stoney stare…


OK.  Moving on.  I have a friend that is blogging his book.  So I wonder if I could twit my book.  You are only allowed 140 characters per twit.  I figure at an average of five letters per word, that’s 28 words per twit.  But then you have to count spaces and punctuation, and all those quotations marks…I have a lot of dialogue in my book.  So if I subtract 15 characters/3 words for all that, I’m down to 25 words per twit.

 At 52,000 words I would need 2,080 twits to do the whole book.  OK.  So I can type 70 words per minute, more if spelling doesn’t count.  That means I could do say three twits a minute.  But you have to log in, send, and log out and that takes time.  So if I could type two twits a minute I would need only 1,040 minutes to twit my whole book.

 That many minutes is 17 and 1/3 hours…let’s just round that up to 18 hours.  I could twit my whole book in just three 6 hour days!

 Somehow the math doesn’t seem right…I’ve been working on this book for four years.  Of course I was out of commission for about two years, but still…. If I let my imagination go nonstop, I could be cranking out a book a week.



 There once was a woman named Marge

Who lived with her husband Sarge

And when she had twit

What she had writ

She felt like she was in charge.