Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Smart Bitches Trashy Books (SBTB)

 So, if you really love, and I mean, really, really love, all things Romance, you have got to check out this website – Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

 I have been following them for a couple of years now, mainly because the site is hilarious.  This site was started in 2005 by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan as a place for romance readers to get together and talk about the books they liked and the ones they didn’t.  It has morphed into so much more.

 One of my favorite pages is the Bitchery Glossary.  Here’s an example or two.

 HaBO (Help a Bitch Out).  If you read a book, however long ago, that you want to read again and just can’t remember the title, this is for you.  Describe as much of the book as you can remember, you know, the absurd plot, the hero’s annoying habits, the cover that showed more of her chest than his, their unconventional names, etc.  They will put a post out there asking their audience if they know what the book is.  They claim to have a good track record for finding these books.

 TSTL (Too Stupid to Live).  This is a heroine who doesn’t have a clue.  She wanders around outside at night in her nightgown and doesn’t understand the problem with that.  Every time she looks at the hero she has ‘urges’ she can’t understand.  She unwittingly takes a job with a crime syndicate and now needs the hero’s protection

 Douche or ass-hat.  Wait…I’m trying to picture that.  Ass-hat.  Hmm…just not getting it.  This tern refers to an unlikeable hero, or a clueless hero, or a hero that is TSTL.

 In their hysterical reviews of books where either the heroine or hero, or both, are clueless and TSTL, they use a whole slew of remarkable words.  Like mighty wang, magic hoo-haa, whatthefuckery, crazysauce, mantitty.  I am working so desperately hard to get some of these words into my vocabulary.  Not being as successful as I’d like.  Much to the relief of my family.

 They review books.  Lots of books.  I wish I had that much time to read all those books.  The site posts cute Friday videos, and sometimes they have contests where you can win stuff, signed copies of books, electronics, etc.

 In fact, they have an eight day give-a-way starting today for Thanksgivukkah. So named because Hanukkah starts before Thanksgiving this year.  Today’s give-a-way is an iPad Mini, 16GB – WiFi.  So cruise the site, have a laugh or two, and enter to win.


BTW.  I have had a response in my blog about St. Umid (Beautiful Men – part 2).  You can read the comments and I will respond to them soon.


  Hunkalicious Pic of the Day


 Oh, Please.  Tell me it is illegal for these guys to even own a shirt.


Top Ten Most Beautiful Men in the World – Part 5

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 5


Aside from being one of the ten most beautiful men in the world, Cody Jones is an all around talented guy.  He used to ride bulls on the rodeo circuit and toured in a Wild West Show.   Makes a girl really want to be a buckle bunny…ah…and he modeled for the 2009 and the 2013 21st Century Skins Calendar.


Cody is Eastern Shoshone from the Wind River Indian Reservation.  He grew up in Wyoming and on a ranch in Texas.  A stuntman for several years, he was in True Grit, Cowboys and Aliens, and the recent Lone Ranger.  His acting debut was in Dawn of Conviction on TV.  He’s been in two episodes of Deadliest Warrior and recently was in Last Man Standing with Tim Allen.  He’s in the movie Warrior’s Heart as one of the Lacrosse players.

He keeps his facebook page up to date  and he has youtube videos, twitter, and my space.  He also has a blog but hasn’t posted on it since last February.

             When you google for Cody Jones you have to put in other identifiers like actor, model, stuntman, as there are other notable Cody Jones’ out there.  Years ago there was a Cody Jones who was an NFL football player for the Los Angelos Rams.  There is also a singer/songwriter by the same name.

But this Cody Jones is the only one really worth looking at…mmmmmm.   A rodeo rider, a model, an actor, a stuntman, a Native American cowboy…..


……it doesn’t get any better than Cody Jones.


So OK…Anson Mount doesn’t exactly look like the rest of the top ten most beautiful men.  At 40ish, he’s a little older than most of them.  And no tattoos – that I can tell.  I searched the cyber universe and this is the only photo I could find of him without a shirt.  Forty, fit and fabulous.  Hey, nothing wrong with a little variety once in a while.


Best known for playing Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels, this hunky guy was born in Illinois, but grew up in Tennessee. His mother was a professional golfer.  His father was one of the original contributing editors to Playboy magazine.  Wow, imagine growing up with that!  Anson attended the University of the South and Columbia University.  Impressive…

He is a professor of acting at Columbia University and is writing a book about the craft of acting.  Even more impressive…


Anson has videos on you tube, is on twitter and facebook where he was really active, posting frequently and interacting with fans.  Then on Nov. 13 he posted that he had to take a break from social media.  Hope he’s back soon


Hell on Wheels is between seasons.  At the end of season 2 they killed off the female lead and Cullen’s love interest.  At the end of season 3 it appears that the other male lead, played by Common, was killed by a bear.  Ya can’t just keep killing off the lead roles – soon there’ll be nobody left.  Let’s hope Anson is there a long time.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4


                 The lady that publishes the 21st Century Skins Calender describes Martin Sensmeier as “drop dead gorgeous”.  Boy Howdy.  And also fantastically photogenic, stunningly beautiful, breathtakingly handsome…  How many more adjectives can I come up with?  As many as it takes.


          Yeah.  Drop dead gorgeous says it all.

Martin grew up in Yakutat, Alaska and belongs to the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan Tribes.  He spent five years working on an oil rig (can you imagine that) when a modeling opportunity presented itself.  In 2011 a series of modeling photos “went viral” and now modeling, acting, and motivational speaking gigs keep coming.  Yeah.

 He describes himself as adventurous, an outdoors man, and an avid basketball player.  He travels all over the world for speaking engagements.  Martin holds a liberal arts degree from Santa Monica College and can speak with a British accent.  He has also modeled for the 2011 21st Century Skins Calendar ( ) (

            Martin is a member of the Native Wellness Institute which promotes the well-being of Native people through programs and trainings that embrace the teachings and traditions of their ancestors.

 He has a facebook page and posts frequently.  He has twitter, iphoneogram,  instagram, and has videos on YouTube.  He also has a wordpress blog, where he writes some poetry, but he hasn’t posted anything sense May.


 Did ya notice the eagle in that pic?


             This is Nir Lavi.  He’s 30ish, from Israel, and has been modeling about 10 years.  Why haven’t I run across him before?  Uh, maybe because I wasn’t scouring the cyber universe like I have been the last few months…I’ve obviously been missing out on a lot.

 nir lavi 3

            Yesiree, another man with incredible blue eyes and a look that says “Excuse me.  Do you need CPR?  I can help with that.”  He models for high end fashion names like Armani and Valentino and does a lot of runway work.  Other than that…I don’t know.  He has a Facebook page, but has only posted on it once in the past year. 

Nir Lavi-2

Big sigh………..



Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3


OK.  We all know this isn’t about the tattoos.  It isn’t about those hunkalicious abs either.  And it isn’t even about the fact that we know he is NEKID below the bottom of that picture.  No.  This is about those stunning, amazing blue eyes.  Well, maybe we like the tattoos, and the abs, and the NEKID part too…

This is Bobby Creighton.  Not hard to find him.  His name is everywhere.  He is a top male fitness and underwear model.  No really.  Underwear…  Google him.

I will even forgive him for not having long hair.  Just keep the bandana on Bobby.  We can always pretend it’s long.  Not actually having long hair puts you out of the running for the Number One spot.  Sorry.  But you’re still in the top ten.

Now we come to this guy.  He is all over the Internet, TV, magazines.  He has his own Web site, Twitter, Iphoneogram, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube videos.  Yesiree, Ash Armand is featured on the web site  and the Showtime reality series Gigolos (seasons 3&4).  He is a model, actor, and fitness buff of East Indian heritage with, of course, exquisite hair.  He is described as a love guru ‘who enjoys the beauty and mystery of this sensuous world’ and is also described as a ‘sensual warrior living to elevate others and the Self.’  I think the 60’s were just way too good to his parents.


Even though he is defined in a number of ways, basically this guy is a Male Escort.  He charges outrageous amounts of money to spend time with you.  But don’t confuse him with a male prostitute. Noooooo.  Women pay him to escort them to fashionable events, go on vacation with them, to give them massages.  Did I mention that he’s also a masseuse?  They pay him to basically be super duper eye candy and spend quality time with them.  Any sex they may have is optional and outside that time/money arrangement.  And it’s totally free.  Yes really.  Absolutely free.  That’s what makes him NOT a male prostitute.  The sex is free, it’s his time you pay for.  Of course if I was paying that much money to spend quality time with him, whether I’m participating or just watching, he better be banging somebody.  Google him and read all about it.


And that reality show Gigolos.  Well.  One reporter (go to ) tracked down one of the women that supposedly hired one of the guys (not Ash).  She said she was an actress/model and was hired, as in PAID, to ACT the part of a woman hiring the Gigolo.  She said she considered it just an acting gig and, oh yeah, by the way, the sex was simulated.  Sooooooo, in spite of the fact that they were rubbing intimate body parts all over each other, he was never really, actually, truly, in fact, inside her.  Whew!  That’s good to know.  I mean, seeing as it was prime time TV and all.

Anyway, back to Ash.  He is into modeling, acting, fitness, sex, healthy eating, meditating, zen, sex, dancing, reading, massage therapy, sex, martial arts, giving sexual advice, being an entrepreneur, sex, philosophy, yoga, traveling, sex.  OK, you get it.

His life partner, with whom he has an ‘open relationship’ attended the Institute for Advanced Human Sexuality in San Francisco (really? where else would it be?) and she is a sexual empowerment coach who helps people in areas of sexual issues.  On her Facebook page (Sexualiberator) she says that sex should always be connected to love.  Of course she is quoting someone else, but why would she put the quote on her page if she didn’t believe it?  And Ash is having sex with EVERYBODY, or at least anybody who will pay him for his time.  Does he love them all?  Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical?  I mean, if you want to screw everybody, and your life mate doesn’t mind, well, that’s OK with me too.  Just call it what it is.


Top Ten Most Beauatiful Men – Part 2

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 2

So if Denzel and Moses are no longer Number One on my list, I need to start looking for a replacement.  I try Googling ‘Native American Male Models’ again, and also ‘Long Haired Men’ and a few other variations.  There are a whole bunch of new guys pictured there.  Are the elves at the North Pole custom making these guys one at a time, and Santa is distributing them around the world a few here and there?  Can I order one?


           Clicking on a picture takes me to all kinds of new web sites.  At least, new to me.  Tumblr. Pinterest.  (I now have accounts on both those sites, but damned if I know what to do with them.)  And I find this guy.  OK.  Excuse me a minute while my ovaries explode.  There. Breathing again.

             But I can’t find out who he is.  So every day while I’m on the computer, I spend some time looking for this guy.  I’m now looking for a model for the cover of my romance novel and this guy looks like he might possibly be Native American.  I tell myself I am doing research.  I spend hours on the Internet.  I think about him constantly.  I dream about him.  It took me a week to find out his first name is Tanji.  Love it.  Now I’m getting somewhere.  Another few days and I discover his full name is Tanji Islam.


             Tanji is of East Indian descent, lives in NYC, is a model and actor, and has probably the most spectacular male hair I’ve ever seen.  Google ‘Tanji Male Model’ and the first two web sites are his profile on Model Mayhem and his Facebook page.  Look at his pictures.  He has a variety of looks and his recent pictures don’t look a lot like his earlier pictures.  Nose straightened. Cheekbones more prominent.  Skin darker.  Hair – still incredible.  Think he’s had work done?  Drool over his pics, don’t forget to breath, and let me know what you think.


And Tanji…get on your Facebook page once in a while.  You haven’t posted anything since Mother’s Day.  You have fans.

          Yes, Tanji is definitely in the running for Number One Most Beautiful Man.  But then  there is this guy.


Don’t you just want to put your mouth on that tattoo and then see where it’s pointing?  This guy showed up about 2008.  There are maybe a couple of dozen pictures of him, most from the same photo shoot…and then he disappears.

St. Umid-1

            He shows up under two very different and unique names:  St. Umid and Humpemsquaw.  Now I can get behind St. Umid, sort of exotic, and memorable.  But Humpemsquaw – get real.  What I find even harder to believe is that some people, OK mostly women, out there in the cyber universe really believe that is his name.  There is some lively discussion about him on a couple of sites, the main one being   Most of the photos of him out there in the cyber universe were taken by Andrei Vishnyakov of said deviantart web site.  There are also a few pictures by Russian photographer Alex Krivtsov.

            Then on Sept. 28, 2010, someone set up a profile for him under the name Humpemsquaw on Model Mayhem.  They were on the site until Nov. 1, 2010 – 35 days.  No one has been back to update the site since.  On this site, it claims that he is Native American.  His profile on Model Mayhem says he doesn’t do nude shoots.  Buuuuutttt…Google St. Umid and the first web site that comes up has a picture of him, up front, up close, and personal holding onto his rather ginormous erection.  Umm, maybe it’s the camera angle.  No really.  Google St. Umid and see for yourself. ( )

St. Umid  

            And now here comes the lively discussion part about him on various sites.  Is he Russian, is he Native American, is he for real, is that tattoo for real, can I lick it…?  And then he disappears.  No more pics, no info, no nothing.  He has no Facebook page, no Twitter, no Web site, no Instagram, no nothing.   Did the spaceship just land, beam him up, and the gods took him back to the planet where they custom make beautiful men with glorious hair?  But the discussions continue.

If you know who this guy is, or what has happened to him, let me know, I’ll post it.

The Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 1

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 1


 I used to think that Denzel Washington was absolutely the most beautiful man on earth. I’d read about him.  Nice guy.  Family man.  Supports our troops.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I just wanted to watch his movies and swoon.  Then I found this other guy…..

 Don’t worry Denzel, you’re still gorgeous.  And no it’s not that you’re getting older.  Lots of men get better with age.  Look at Sean Connary.  Couldn’t stand him as 007, but as Indiana Jones’ dad, well, whoohoo…

 So, I was writing a book in my head and I mentioned that to a friend one day.  She said, “Why don’t you write it on the computer, then publish it.”  Boing!  What an idea I thought to myself.  So I’m a few weeks and a few chapters into writing this romance novel and I’m having trouble picturing the male love interest.  I Googled ‘Native American Male Models’.  Low and behold, a whole passel of beautiful, long haired, Native American men.  Where do these guys come from?


            Anywho, I picked the one I thought looked most like the character in my book, downloaded his picture, and looked at it while I was writing.  My muse.  Six months later, I’m done with the book (well – the first draft anyway) and by now I’m obsessed with this guy and his hair that hangs to his knees.  Denzel is now down to Number Two on the list and I’m drooling over THIS guy.  So I start looking for him on the Internet.  It only took me twenty minutes to find his name.  Moses Brings Plenty.  Born on the Res.  Raised in Pine Ridge.  Lakota Sioux.  Actor.  Model. Traditional drummer.  Inspirational speaker.  And, apparently, somewhat of a philanderer.  I had no more looked at all the web sites he was listed on and watched a lot of YouTube videos of him drumming, than I found a web site called ‘WomenAgainstMosesBringsPlenty.”  Don’t try to Google it – it’s been removed.

            The site was set up by a woman who dated him for about a year, and apparently thought there was a future, perhaps including marriage, for them.  Then she found out he was seeing other women when on the road with his band, and he was only coming around her for a little hanky-panky while in town.  She confronted him and they argued.  She started going to where he was playing and asking around about him.  Apparently there were many, many…no kidding, many women.  The diatribe she wrote on her web site was long, detailed, and very colorful.

            I followed the site for about a year.  There were only a few comments, mostly from cyber-cruisers, commiserating with her.  Then someone who knows him well and loves him a lot, found the site and the comment board lit up.  Big time.  Hundreds of people chimed in.  It was about evenly split between his supporters who didn’t believe this woman, and his detractors, other women who said they had similar experiences with him.  Wow.  Then the comments turned vicious – insults, racist implications, foul language, threats of lawsuits.  Double Wow.  And the site was suddenly gone, as in…removed, not there, doesn’t exist, lost to the cyber universe.

            Just crazysauce if you ask me.  And in all fairness, none of the nasty comments, in fact none of the comments – period – came from Moses or his wife.  No really.  His wife.  Where was pervious mention that he had a wife?  But for me the jury is still out.  Until I actually meet this guy and decide for myself – Moses…you’re still beautiful.  In my fantasies you’ll always be that character in my book.   You’re also no longer Number One on my list, but still in the top ten.

Read about the next two most beautiful men in the world in a few days.