Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3


OK.  We all know this isn’t about the tattoos.  It isn’t about those hunkalicious abs either.  And it isn’t even about the fact that we know he is NEKID below the bottom of that picture.  No.  This is about those stunning, amazing blue eyes.  Well, maybe we like the tattoos, and the abs, and the NEKID part too…

This is Bobby Creighton.  Not hard to find him.  His name is everywhere.  He is a top male fitness and underwear model.  No really.  Underwear…  Google him.

I will even forgive him for not having long hair.  Just keep the bandana on Bobby.  We can always pretend it’s long.  Not actually having long hair puts you out of the running for the Number One spot.  Sorry.  But you’re still in the top ten.

Now we come to this guy.  He is all over the Internet, TV, magazines.  He has his own Web site, Twitter, Iphoneogram, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube videos.  Yesiree, Ash Armand is featured on the web site www.CowboysForAngels.com  and the Showtime reality series Gigolos (seasons 3&4).  He is a model, actor, and fitness buff of East Indian heritage with, of course, exquisite hair.  He is described as a love guru ‘who enjoys the beauty and mystery of this sensuous world’ and is also described as a ‘sensual warrior living to elevate others and the Self.’  I think the 60’s were just way too good to his parents.


Even though he is defined in a number of ways, basically this guy is a Male Escort.  He charges outrageous amounts of money to spend time with you.  But don’t confuse him with a male prostitute. Noooooo.  Women pay him to escort them to fashionable events, go on vacation with them, to give them massages.  Did I mention that he’s also a masseuse?  They pay him to basically be super duper eye candy and spend quality time with them.  Any sex they may have is optional and outside that time/money arrangement.  And it’s totally free.  Yes really.  Absolutely free.  That’s what makes him NOT a male prostitute.  The sex is free, it’s his time you pay for.  Of course if I was paying that much money to spend quality time with him, whether I’m participating or just watching, he better be banging somebody.  Google him and read all about it.


And that reality show Gigolos.  Well.  One reporter (go to www.ladysmut.com/tag/ash-armand ) tracked down one of the women that supposedly hired one of the guys (not Ash).  She said she was an actress/model and was hired, as in PAID, to ACT the part of a woman hiring the Gigolo.  She said she considered it just an acting gig and, oh yeah, by the way, the sex was simulated.  Sooooooo, in spite of the fact that they were rubbing intimate body parts all over each other, he was never really, actually, truly, in fact, inside her.  Whew!  That’s good to know.  I mean, seeing as it was prime time TV and all.

Anyway, back to Ash.  He is into modeling, acting, fitness, sex, healthy eating, meditating, zen, sex, dancing, reading, massage therapy, sex, martial arts, giving sexual advice, being an entrepreneur, sex, philosophy, yoga, traveling, sex.  OK, you get it.

His life partner, with whom he has an ‘open relationship’ attended the Institute for Advanced Human Sexuality in San Francisco (really? where else would it be?) and she is a sexual empowerment coach who helps people in areas of sexual issues.  On her Facebook page (Sexualiberator) she says that sex should always be connected to love.  Of course she is quoting someone else, but why would she put the quote on her page if she didn’t believe it?  And Ash is having sex with EVERYBODY, or at least anybody who will pay him for his time.  Does he love them all?  Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical?  I mean, if you want to screw everybody, and your life mate doesn’t mind, well, that’s OK with me too.  Just call it what it is.


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