Top Ten Most Beautiful Men in the World – Part 5

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 5


Aside from being one of the ten most beautiful men in the world, Cody Jones is an all around talented guy.  He used to ride bulls on the rodeo circuit and toured in a Wild West Show.   Makes a girl really want to be a buckle bunny…ah…and he modeled for the 2009 and the 2013 21st Century Skins Calendar.


Cody is Eastern Shoshone from the Wind River Indian Reservation.  He grew up in Wyoming and on a ranch in Texas.  A stuntman for several years, he was in True Grit, Cowboys and Aliens, and the recent Lone Ranger.  His acting debut was in Dawn of Conviction on TV.  He’s been in two episodes of Deadliest Warrior and recently was in Last Man Standing with Tim Allen.  He’s in the movie Warrior’s Heart as one of the Lacrosse players.

He keeps his facebook page up to date  and he has youtube videos, twitter, and my space.  He also has a blog but hasn’t posted on it since last February.

             When you google for Cody Jones you have to put in other identifiers like actor, model, stuntman, as there are other notable Cody Jones’ out there.  Years ago there was a Cody Jones who was an NFL football player for the Los Angelos Rams.  There is also a singer/songwriter by the same name.

But this Cody Jones is the only one really worth looking at…mmmmmm.   A rodeo rider, a model, an actor, a stuntman, a Native American cowboy…..


……it doesn’t get any better than Cody Jones.


So OK…Anson Mount doesn’t exactly look like the rest of the top ten most beautiful men.  At 40ish, he’s a little older than most of them.  And no tattoos – that I can tell.  I searched the cyber universe and this is the only photo I could find of him without a shirt.  Forty, fit and fabulous.  Hey, nothing wrong with a little variety once in a while.


Best known for playing Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels, this hunky guy was born in Illinois, but grew up in Tennessee. His mother was a professional golfer.  His father was one of the original contributing editors to Playboy magazine.  Wow, imagine growing up with that!  Anson attended the University of the South and Columbia University.  Impressive…

He is a professor of acting at Columbia University and is writing a book about the craft of acting.  Even more impressive…


Anson has videos on you tube, is on twitter and facebook where he was really active, posting frequently and interacting with fans.  Then on Nov. 13 he posted that he had to take a break from social media.  Hope he’s back soon


Hell on Wheels is between seasons.  At the end of season 2 they killed off the female lead and Cullen’s love interest.  At the end of season 3 it appears that the other male lead, played by Common, was killed by a bear.  Ya can’t just keep killing off the lead roles – soon there’ll be nobody left.  Let’s hope Anson is there a long time.

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