Censorship or Double Standard?

 Censorship or Double Standard?

             I knew that Facebook censored certain pictures and posts, but I never realized how involved it actually was.  One of the sites I follow (www.facebook.com/MichaelStokesPhotography ) posted this picture of Alex Minsky, a Marine war veteran turned fitness model.  Now I think this is a great picture.  But then I’m just sitting here drooling and not really able to think all that well at the moment.  But, someone complained and Michael Stokes was banned from Facebook for three days.  In response over 4,000 people/sites reposted the picture.  (PS – he’s not really naked, he is holding an athletic cup over his…uh, you know)  Alex Minsky -1 








Then Stokes posted this picture. priest







Again, someone reported it for containing nudity or pornography.  Really?  It wasn’t removed by Facebook, but they sent Stokes a notice that it had been reported.  He posted that notice on his Facebook page and Facebook responded to that by banning him for 30 days.  priest 






Because of the outrage from his fan base, the ban was rescinded a few days later.

             Now, you can go to the following sites and see all kinds of hunkalicious, hunkadorable, delectablelicious guys.  The original site www.facebook.com/OfficialFSOS    (that stands for Fifty Shades of Sexy) is currently on suspension for a post somebody didn’t like.  But the spinoff sites are up and running.





             Apparently these sites get all kinds of reports for nudity, pornography, and just plain being offensive.  They are all sites that feature good looking men…and not just professional models.  No, there’s military, firemen, law enforcement, cowboys, bikers.  Basically any male eye candy.  But if you don’t like it…don’t look at it.  Let me put that another way.  DON’T LOOK AT IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT.

             Now then, look at these pictures closely.  OK, not that closely.  The pictures of the male models were banned from Facebook, but the pictures of the female models were not.  How come? censored-1








            I find the picture of that female derriere highly disturbing…and offensive…and just plain disgusting.  It’s not even artistically attractive.  But that’s just my opinion.  And the female below…just barely short of pornographic.  Double standard I say.  Again just my opinion.









            This blog www.theinternetoffendsme.wordpress.com/  recently posted the following:

 The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

             In this blog the author, apparently someone employed by Facebook to review complaints, talks about all the complaints and how they are handled.  Facebook boasts 1.5 billion users total.  They actually have 1.2 billion active users who log in nearly every day.  That’s 1,200,000,000 – one billion, two hundred million – every day.  I’m surprised the whole system doesn’t crash every few minutes.  And out of all those users, they get 250,000 (yes that’s two hundred fifty thousand) complaints every hour.  Every hour… that’s six million complaints every day…every day.  And Facebook employs over 100,000 people, mostly foreign workers, to sift through those complaints.  At least 80% of the complaints are from people who just didn’t like something, i.e. they were “offended.”    Read some of the typical reports below:

 I don’t believe in this coin. It goes against what I believe in.

I saw this feed and do not approve, please take it off.

Can you remove this picture, I don’t like it.

This is not true, my God would never let this happen.


Damn, don’t people have anything better to do?  The person who writes the blog also has a Facebook page  www.facebook.com/TheInternetOffendsMe .  I’m surprised that doesn’t get banned.


But I will leave y’all with this – hope I don’t get banned.


 If I rope him, can I keep him…?

Tattoos, Leather, and Testosterone

Bakersfield, CA Annual Toy Run toy run poster 

            I live in the most generous city in the United States…maybe even in the world.  Anytime there is a need, whether it is for coats, school supplies, food, toys, Bakersfield steps up.  Big Time.  There are many local churches and charities that sponsor these events, and not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.  But one of the biggest and best is the Annual Bakersfield Christmas Toy Run.


            Bakersfield’s Toy Run began 30 years ago with 50 riders.  This year 7,000 people on almost 6,000 motorcycles participated.  Along with classic car enthusiasts, ATV riders and off-roaders, they gathered in the 30 degree cold weather at Beach Park and rode for five miles to the Kern County Fairgrounds.  This is the biggest Toy Run in the state.

 toy run-2

Beach Park…December 8, 2013…

…30 degrees cold…


            This year 3,000 toys, one ton of food and $30,000 in cash were collected to help out our fellow Bakersfieldians.  The Toy Run partners with the Salvation Army, who says this event helps 1,000 families every year.

 toy run food 







Photos by Dana Polson from the Bakersfield Toy Run Facebook page.  toy run decorations







            After the ride, there were booths, food, and a live band at the fairgrounds.  I just kept wandering around…and around…and around…  There were Bikers for Jesus and Hell’s Angels…  There were more tattoos, leather and testosterone in any one place than I’ve ever seen.  I was in romance writers heaven…didn’t…want…to…leave…..

             I can honestly say that this ride was probably the most spectacular and memorable thing I have ever done.  P.S. – I ride behind my own hunky guy with the American Legion Riders, Post 26.

 Ahmed and Glen








                     Ahmed   and    Glen

My two favorite leather-wearing, testosterone driven, motorcycle maniacs…


And for those of you who come here to see pictures of hunkalicious men – here’s one just for you.  This is model Angel Macho…more on him to come. Kellen-Angelo

A Brief History of Christmas Stuff

Merry Christmas – A Brief History of Christmas hohohoStuff

The origins of the original eggnog drink are debated.  Eggnog may have originated in East Anglia, England.  Another story is that it may have derived from egg and grog, a common Colonial term used for the drink made with rum. Eventually, that term was shortened to egg’n’grog, then eggnog.

In Britain, the drink was popular mainly among the aristocracy. Those who could get milk and eggs mixed it with brandy, Madeira or sherry to make a drink similar to modern alcoholic eggnog.

 Isaac Weld, Junior, in his book Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797 (published in 1800) wrote: “The American travelers, before they pursued their journey, took a hearty draught each, according to custom, of egg-nog, a mixture composed of new milk, eggs, rum, and sugar, beat up together;…”

The drink came to the English colonies in the 18th century. Since brandy and wine were heavily taxed, rum from the Caribbean was a cost-effective substitute.  The inexpensive liquor, coupled with plentiful farm and dairy products, helped the drink become very popular in America. When the supply of rum to the newly founded United States was reduced because of the Revolutionary War, Americans turned to domestic whiskey, and eventually bourbon, as a substitute.

 The Eggnog Riot occurred at the United States Military Academy on 23–25 December 1826. Whiskey was smuggled into the barracks to make eggnog for a Christmas Day party. The incident resulted in the court-martialing of twenty cadets and one enlisted soldier.


 Eggnog anyone?  Somebody…Anybody…?








OK then…how about some jingle bells…? jingle bells 

About 1850 or 1851, James Lord Pierpont was enjoying a little holiday cheer at the Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts, when Medford’s famous sleigh races to neighboring Malden Square inspired him to write a tune. Pierpont plunked out the song on the piano in the boarding house attached to the tavern because he wanted something to play for his Sunday school class on Thanksgiving. The song was a hit with kids and adults alike, who loved it so much that the lyrics to “One Horse Open Sleigh” were altered slightly and used for Christmas. The song was published in 1857.

 So, no jingle bells…how about a Christmas bow…?

xmas bow


I’m not really one of those people that save old Christmas paper and bows.  I’ll be throwing this bow away right after I open the present.



 Legend has it that in 1670, the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany handed out sugar sticks to his young singers to keep them quiet during the long Living Creche ceremony. In honor of the occasion, he had the candies bent into shepherds’ crooks.

candy cane In 1847, a German-Swedish immigrant named August Imgard of Wooster, Ohio, decorated a small blue spruce with paper ornaments and candy canes.  They are represented as white on Christmas cards made before 1900, and it is not until the early 20th century that they appear with their familiar red stripes.

Oh, go ahead…lick a candy cane…you know you want to…




xmas lights 

Don’t you just hate how you can never get all those Christmas lights untangled and back in the box?




Merry Christmas – Hope you find everything you want under your tree… Xmas hunks

Tattoos – Part 2

Tattoos – Part 2

Now, here are some Great Tattoos…and one not so Great Tattoo.

Actually, this is the Not So Great Tattoo.  WTF.  Somebody tell me this isn’t a real tattoo.  Really, look closely at the picture.  I’m not even sure this is a real guy.  And that’s OK with me too.









This tattoo, however, can be a s real as it wants.  It’s one of the Really Great Tattoos. Along with the realy great abs…










Now THIS is a really, really spectacular tattoo… gary - 4 








And here’s the front side of that tattoo and that guy…

Gary taylor - tattoo 




This is Gary Taylor, a fitness model.  He is described on his facebook page as “father, friend, model, personal trainer, your inspriation.”  Gary was born in August 1986 and had a very challenging childhood.  He got a scholarship to play sports at Jefferson Davis CC, but was injured the first year and had to quit.  He really wants to be a fireman and a massage therapist, maybe have his own daycare and gym.  Anyone want to work out at his gym and then get a massage from him?  Anyone?  I thought so.  Anyhoo, I guess modeling and looking all hunkalicious is just a sideline for him.  He’s really shot to fame on the fitness modeling scene the last couple of years.  He is raising two daughters on his own, and by all accounts is one of the all around nicest guys on the planet.

 gary - 6




Gary is the cover model and inspiration for the main character Gunner in the romance “Wanted” by Kelly Elliott.



 With lips like that, he doesn’t even need the abs and tattoos…well…OK…maybe…

gary - lips









Merry Christmas everyone…

gary - santa




Tattoos – Part 1

Tattoos – Part 1

 A permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment.  Pretty simple definition.  Tattoos, however, are anything but simple.  First a little history.

The practice of tattooing is at least several thousand years old, but the English word tattoo is relatively recent. The explorer Captain James Cook introduced the word to the English language.  The earliest reference to the verb tattoo is found in his 1769 diary.  The word tattoo originates from the Tahitian word “tatu” meaning to mark something.  The Polynesian word “tatao” meaning to tap may also have influenced the word tattoo.

 Otzi the Iceman, found frozen in the Otzal Alps in 1991, is one of the oldest examples of tattooing.  He has 57 carbon tattoos; a line of dots down his spine, behind his left knee, and on his right ankle.  Otzi lived 5,500 years ago.


Otzi the Iceman

Wall paintings from ancient Egypt show they were tattooing at least 4,000 years ago.  From there the practice spread to Persia, Arabia, Crete, Greece, and China.  During the Roman Empire criminals and slaves were marked for identification. In Asia tattoos were used to show social status or in religious ceremonies.  The Norse, Danes, and Saxons tattooed their family crests on themselves.  In 787 AD Pope Hadrian banned tattooing, however, it remained popular until the Normans invaded in 1066. The Normans did not like the practice of tattooing and tattoos disappeared in Europe from the 12th to the 16th centuries.


Prince Giolo, the Painted Prince

In 1691, the sailor William Dampier brought a heavily tattooed Polynesian named Prince Giolo to London.  However, tattooing in Europe did not become popular until the late 1700s when Captain James Cook brought another tattooed Polynesian named Omai back to London.  Soon many of the upper class were getting small tattoos in places that couldn’t be seen. But the process of tattooing was painstakingly slow, each puncture of the skin having to be done by hand and then the ink applied.

So, tattooing didn’t really catch on until 1891 when Samuel O’Reilly invented that first electronic tattoo machine, with its basic design of moving coils, a tube and a needle.  These days anybody can get a reasonably priced and quick tattoo.

This is Olive Oatman, reported to be the first tattooed woman in the US.  Make that white woman, since many Native American groups tattooed women.  She was kidnapped by the Yavapai in 1851 and a year later traded to the Mojave who adopted her.  Chin tattooing by the Mojave was thought to be a means of identification in the afterlife.  She was traded by the Mojave to Cavalry soldiers at age 19.


And from Olive’s tribal tattoos we have now evolved to this…

Tattoo lady

Really ladies?  A couple cute little butterflies or flowers here and there – OK – but this? What’s the point?





Hunkalicious Pics of the day



Uh. Guys.  Over here.  My house is on fire.  I know because I just started it.


St. Umid

St. Umid

So, I had a response to by blog about St. Umid/Humpemsquaw (Beautiful Men – Part 2).  Panambi20 (Eva Herzberg) wrote to tell me that Humpemsquaw’s profile on Model Mayhem is real, he is Native American from the Osage Nation.  She says she knows people that know him.  She says he doesn’t want his real name on the web, he must have his reasons and it is a matter of respect.  She states that the Russian people gave him the name St. Umid as a sort of idolatry/adoration/worship for his beauty.

She included a video of Andrei Vishnyakov doing a photo shoot for a jewelry ad with Umid and another male model named Janiya.  I had already seen this video and it doesn’t give us any information.  You can read her comments at the bottom of the blog.

My first response is this.  It appears that Eva is not a native English speaker and, as such, may not be familiar with slang terms.  For those that don’t understand about the name “Humpemsquaw”, let me explain.  “Hump” or “Humpem” is a slang term meaning to have sex.  “Squaw” is also slang and was originally used to mean a Native American woman, there is some controversy over whether or not it means “vagina” in some Native languages ( www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw ).  Whatever the original meaning, it is now considered to be a derogatory, raciest and sexist term.  Put the two words together and you can see what you have.  If this guy wants to use another name, hey that’s OK, lots of people use pen names or stage names.  I just find it hard to believe that anyone would advertise themselves by that name.  And the respect part.  I’m sorry, but you just cannot use the words cultural respect and the H-name in the same sentence.

Anyhoo, I appreciate Eva writing and her comments spurred me into action to look further for who this guy might really be.  So the first thing I did was go to vishstudios ( www.vishstudio.deviantart.com/ ) .  I clicked on every single picture of St. Umid and read every single comment trying to glean any little tidbit of information.  I had to read an umpity bazillion comments on how beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc. he is (and he is!), but I also managed to get some information.

Idari commented on April 29, 2010 that “His roots are somewhere in Asia.  He may be full blooded or half blooded Tatar, Uzbek, etc.  Russians say that half bloods are most beautiful.”  And on May 11, 2010 Idari said that “The boy is full blooded Russian.”

And on April 27, 2010 Fifi-McFu says “can never resist a Native American.”  To which Idari replies on April 28, 2010 “He is not.  He is, in some sense, Native Russian.  Definitely lives in Russia and originates from somewhere in Asia.”  To which Andrei Vishnyakov replies on April 28, 2010 “Yes.”  And on June 28, 2010, Andrei says “He is not Indian.  He is Asian.” (Andrei should know – he took all those pictures.)

Queenlillith comments on February 25, 2012 “I thought he was Uzbec?  Is it true his name is Yuldashev?”  And on January 25, 2012 she asks “What became of him?”  Andrei Vishnyakov responds on November 26, 2012 “Now he owns a restaurant. Still looks same. Hot.”

Well, it looks like I’m getting somewhere.  I find a magazine article that says about Vishnyakov’s models, “None of his models are professional models.  He gets them from gyms, streets gangs, even weddings.”  Looks like St. Umid came from one of those gyms.

In doing all this research, I found a few more pictures of him, mostly taken by Alex Krivtsov.  There are a couple of pics of Umid floating around the cyber universe where the only thing he’s wearing is his strategically placed hand.  There is one shot from the back, where there is nothing placed strategically over his derriere.  Does he do nude shots?  Well, they’re pretty nude I’d say…not porno…just nude.  Then I find this picture of him on Pinterest and it is labeled Umid Yuldashev.

 Umid Yuldashev-3







But back to the Google search.  I keep typing in Umid with other words and not much happens.  Type in just Umid and see what you get.  Aside from being a Russian name variously translated as meaning hope, expectation, or trust, it also means ‘Unique Material IDentifier’.  Really?  Yeah.  Try wading through all those web pages.

 OK, back to the internet search.  I get on Andrei Vishnyakov’s Facebook page and look at all his friends.  Nope.  Umid’s not there.  There are 10 people on Facebook named Alex Krivtsov, but none of them were the photographer.  He does have a web site and I tried looking on that.  Some of it was translated into English, but a lot of it wasn’t.  Since I don’t read Russian all that well, I had trouble navigating around the web site and knowing what I was looking at.  But, alas, no pictures of Umid on Alex’s web site.

 So back to Facebook.  I try searching for St. Umid – nothing.  I try searching for the H- name – nada.  I try searching for just Umid.  There are eleventy gazillion Umids on Facebook.  I’m getting nowhere there.  But hey, I’m on a mission.  A quest I tell myself.  Really I’m beginning to feel like a stalker.

 Then I type Umid Yuldashev into Facebook.  A handful of pages for people with that name come up.  I’m looking down through the pictures, and remember they are thumbnail size, lo and behold, there he is.  I click on his site and there are only these two pictures of him on it.  But, in my opinion, it is without a doubt, him – St. Umid.  He joined Facebook on January 28, 2012, and posts infrequently.  His page says he graduated high school in Moscow in 2001 and college in Uzbekistan in 2005.  It also says he married up last February.  And that’s about it.  Not all of the page was in English, and I’m still having trouble reading Russian.  I sent him a friend request last Friday, but have not gotten a response.  The last time he posted on his page was June 13 when he posted these two pictures

 Umid Yuldashev-1





Umid Yuldashev -2









 So, Eva, I really appreciate you writing with your information, but, if you know people that say they know him, better ask them again.  Or ask them to write into my blog with their information.  Or have them ask him to respond to my blog.

 If he answers my friend request, I’ll let you know.  If anyone else sends info about him I’ll let you know that too.

 St. Umid








Soooooo…I guess we can speculate as to why he quit modeling.  It seems to me that anyone as stunningly beautiful and photogenic as Umid is would be able to keep those modeling gigs coming, especially since he was already hooked up with two well known photographers.  I wish he would do more.  I’d love to see more pictures of him.