St. Umid

St. Umid

So, I had a response to by blog about St. Umid/Humpemsquaw (Beautiful Men – Part 2).  Panambi20 (Eva Herzberg) wrote to tell me that Humpemsquaw’s profile on Model Mayhem is real, he is Native American from the Osage Nation.  She says she knows people that know him.  She says he doesn’t want his real name on the web, he must have his reasons and it is a matter of respect.  She states that the Russian people gave him the name St. Umid as a sort of idolatry/adoration/worship for his beauty.

She included a video of Andrei Vishnyakov doing a photo shoot for a jewelry ad with Umid and another male model named Janiya.  I had already seen this video and it doesn’t give us any information.  You can read her comments at the bottom of the blog.

My first response is this.  It appears that Eva is not a native English speaker and, as such, may not be familiar with slang terms.  For those that don’t understand about the name “Humpemsquaw”, let me explain.  “Hump” or “Humpem” is a slang term meaning to have sex.  “Squaw” is also slang and was originally used to mean a Native American woman, there is some controversy over whether or not it means “vagina” in some Native languages ( ).  Whatever the original meaning, it is now considered to be a derogatory, raciest and sexist term.  Put the two words together and you can see what you have.  If this guy wants to use another name, hey that’s OK, lots of people use pen names or stage names.  I just find it hard to believe that anyone would advertise themselves by that name.  And the respect part.  I’m sorry, but you just cannot use the words cultural respect and the H-name in the same sentence.

Anyhoo, I appreciate Eva writing and her comments spurred me into action to look further for who this guy might really be.  So the first thing I did was go to vishstudios ( ) .  I clicked on every single picture of St. Umid and read every single comment trying to glean any little tidbit of information.  I had to read an umpity bazillion comments on how beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc. he is (and he is!), but I also managed to get some information.

Idari commented on April 29, 2010 that “His roots are somewhere in Asia.  He may be full blooded or half blooded Tatar, Uzbek, etc.  Russians say that half bloods are most beautiful.”  And on May 11, 2010 Idari said that “The boy is full blooded Russian.”

And on April 27, 2010 Fifi-McFu says “can never resist a Native American.”  To which Idari replies on April 28, 2010 “He is not.  He is, in some sense, Native Russian.  Definitely lives in Russia and originates from somewhere in Asia.”  To which Andrei Vishnyakov replies on April 28, 2010 “Yes.”  And on June 28, 2010, Andrei says “He is not Indian.  He is Asian.” (Andrei should know – he took all those pictures.)

Queenlillith comments on February 25, 2012 “I thought he was Uzbec?  Is it true his name is Yuldashev?”  And on January 25, 2012 she asks “What became of him?”  Andrei Vishnyakov responds on November 26, 2012 “Now he owns a restaurant. Still looks same. Hot.”

Well, it looks like I’m getting somewhere.  I find a magazine article that says about Vishnyakov’s models, “None of his models are professional models.  He gets them from gyms, streets gangs, even weddings.”  Looks like St. Umid came from one of those gyms.

In doing all this research, I found a few more pictures of him, mostly taken by Alex Krivtsov.  There are a couple of pics of Umid floating around the cyber universe where the only thing he’s wearing is his strategically placed hand.  There is one shot from the back, where there is nothing placed strategically over his derriere.  Does he do nude shots?  Well, they’re pretty nude I’d say…not porno…just nude.  Then I find this picture of him on Pinterest and it is labeled Umid Yuldashev.

 Umid Yuldashev-3







But back to the Google search.  I keep typing in Umid with other words and not much happens.  Type in just Umid and see what you get.  Aside from being a Russian name variously translated as meaning hope, expectation, or trust, it also means ‘Unique Material IDentifier’.  Really?  Yeah.  Try wading through all those web pages.

 OK, back to the internet search.  I get on Andrei Vishnyakov’s Facebook page and look at all his friends.  Nope.  Umid’s not there.  There are 10 people on Facebook named Alex Krivtsov, but none of them were the photographer.  He does have a web site and I tried looking on that.  Some of it was translated into English, but a lot of it wasn’t.  Since I don’t read Russian all that well, I had trouble navigating around the web site and knowing what I was looking at.  But, alas, no pictures of Umid on Alex’s web site.

 So back to Facebook.  I try searching for St. Umid – nothing.  I try searching for the H- name – nada.  I try searching for just Umid.  There are eleventy gazillion Umids on Facebook.  I’m getting nowhere there.  But hey, I’m on a mission.  A quest I tell myself.  Really I’m beginning to feel like a stalker.

 Then I type Umid Yuldashev into Facebook.  A handful of pages for people with that name come up.  I’m looking down through the pictures, and remember they are thumbnail size, lo and behold, there he is.  I click on his site and there are only these two pictures of him on it.  But, in my opinion, it is without a doubt, him – St. Umid.  He joined Facebook on January 28, 2012, and posts infrequently.  His page says he graduated high school in Moscow in 2001 and college in Uzbekistan in 2005.  It also says he married up last February.  And that’s about it.  Not all of the page was in English, and I’m still having trouble reading Russian.  I sent him a friend request last Friday, but have not gotten a response.  The last time he posted on his page was June 13 when he posted these two pictures

 Umid Yuldashev-1





Umid Yuldashev -2









 So, Eva, I really appreciate you writing with your information, but, if you know people that say they know him, better ask them again.  Or ask them to write into my blog with their information.  Or have them ask him to respond to my blog.

 If he answers my friend request, I’ll let you know.  If anyone else sends info about him I’ll let you know that too.

 St. Umid








Soooooo…I guess we can speculate as to why he quit modeling.  It seems to me that anyone as stunningly beautiful and photogenic as Umid is would be able to keep those modeling gigs coming, especially since he was already hooked up with two well known photographers.  I wish he would do more.  I’d love to see more pictures of him.


9 thoughts on “St. Umid

  1. I could not find Umid on Facebook. LOL! I suspect the model mayhem is a pervert pretending to be him. Crazy. Do you know anything new?

  2. Hello Katie 🙂

    Searching if I find new information about him, found your blog again. It is very very interesting and now I am asking myself where this person “knows him personally” and why a reader of my page says he is from the Osaga Nation. Thank you very much for doing so much research., it is true my English is not the best, but I´m on the way 🙂

    You can see it in the comments a person saying he is from the Osaga Nation.
    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));
    Post by Presenting Our Beautiful People Of The Americas.
    Hope this link will bring you to the post…
    She didn´t say he knows him personally, it was someone else and she would look if she can contact him… I´m waiting it for it till today, but she had a lot inbetween (heart surgerys) and I didn´t asked anymore, but posted it on my Timeline “to remember”, now that she is better.
    I´m really curious if he accepts the Friend Request and all this mistery is cleared… if this is all a lie, think it is good he knows what is in the internet about him…

    • Eva…thanks for the comment. Umid has only been on his Facebook page once in the last year, back in February and he only changed his cover picture. He did not respond to my friend request. Hope your friend is better and she can contact her friend about this. I think someone has played a sick joke and used his pictures. Also, his pictures are apparently used on the covers of gay romance books. I’ll let you know if I find out anything else. Katie.

  3. Hi, I have also been on a quest to find this mysterious person. Yesterday I sent his photographer Andrei Vishnyakov an email about him and he replied that he lost contact years ago and that Umid is living now as a married man in Moscow. So he is not in Tashkent anymore (that’s his location according to his facebook profile). I found out he also has a second profile but it’s old, I think he never uses it anymore:
    I also sent him a friend request on the other facebook profile but no reply either.
    A few days ago I found this youtube channel and I think it’s him, but I am not sure. He comments on body building and The Sims video’s (according to facebook he worked there).
    I sent him a message there but no reply, although he is active here daily. All his comments are in Russian so maybe he doesn’t even speak English…
    How is it possible that in this modern world with all this social media there is so little to find about him.
    By the way, I came across this pic, I didn’t know it yet:

    • Maria. I have been cyber stalking Umid for about a year. How can such a beautiful man just disappear? He hasn’t responded to my FB friend request either. I think his other site is way old and doesn’t even have anything posted on it. I wish he would start modeling again…I want more pictures to drool over. Katie

    • Maria. I have been cyber stalking Umid for about a year. How can such a beautiful man just disappear? He hasn’t responded to my FB friend request either. I think his other site is way old and doesn’t even have anything posted on it. I wish he would start modeling again…I want more pictures to drool over. Katie

      • Maybe he doesn’t want to be found. Even on the biggest Russian ‘Facebook’, Vkontakte, I can’t find anything. He could have become famous as a model so I can’t understand why he quitted, maybe something in his private life made him decide to stop, but that’s just speculation. I wonder if he knows about the hype around him and about the fake native American profiles.
        Katie, do you think this YouTube profile is his? This person has the same interests as are listed on his Facebook profile.

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