The Whole Package

 So…a couple of weeks ago I promised you more on this hunkalicious guy. Kellen-Angelo 


I first saw a few photos of him on Pinterest.  When I was able to get up off the floor and back into my chair, I started looking for him in the cyber universe.  Most of the pictures gave his name as Kellen Jamison and a couple identified him as Angelo Cruz.  I couldn’t find anything else on him under Angelo Cruz, so don’t know where that even came from.

 However, under Kellen Jamison he is all over Olivia Cunning’s Blog (  In her book Touch Me, Kellen Jamison is the best friend of the main character Owen.  She apparently found these pictures while writing her book and just knew that this guy was Kellen.  So now if you Google Kellen Jamison, you get are pictures of this guy and links to Olivia’s blog. 

It took a while…though I’m getting better at this cyber stalking stuff all the time…but I finally found out who he really is. Angel-1



This is model Angel Macho.  He has two Facebook pages, a personal one ( where he mostly posts droolable pictures, and a fan page ( where there is an occasional snapshot photo and a fan of the week contest.


He is an Israeli/Spanish software engineer.  He speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and German.  No, really…that’s what his Facebook pages say.  He has a Band Page   ( ) whatever that is.  There is one song and a few pictures on it.  He is on Instagram (, and has a couple of Youtube videos.

 Angel is the whole package; smart, educated, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous.  So, go ahead… take a few deep breaths…then Google him.  Big sigh. Angel - 3








 Dayum…….I just love that Bad Boy look… Angel-2 



Stupid Romance Novel Covers

Stupid Romance Novel Covers – Probably the reason mainstream literature doesn’t take Romance seriously.

stupid cover-bicepts





OMG – my biceps won’t fit in the truck…






Because nothing says I’m a cowboy like a long wavy mullet and a tank top… stupid cover-cowboy











She’s just one little tug from a major wardrobe malfunction. waredrobe malfunction











That’s what I’d be doin’…having an orgasm while the ship goes down. woredrobe malfunction - 2











OK.  She has long, wavy, flowing hair.  He has long, wavy, flowing hair.  She’s wearing a skirt.  He’s wearing a skirt.  She has breasts.  He has man boobs.  Something wrong with this picture… kilt









Really?  I just don’t have words for this.  Amish.  Vampires.  In Space.  WTF. Amish











Probably the most famous Oops in Romance novel covers.  The lady with three hands. 3 hands











I was so hoping that this one was a joke.  But no.  Really.  Google it on Amazon.  You can download it onto your Kindle for $2.99. mushroom












And just because I think he should be on lots of Romance covers.  My favorite – Tanji. Tanji

All About Romance


 1. a. A love affair.

b. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love:

2. A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful:

3. a. A long medieval narrative in prose or verse that tells of the adventures and heroic exploits of chivalric heroes

b. A long fictitious tale of heroes and extraordinary or mysterious events, usually set in a distant time or place.

4. An artistic work, such as a novel, story, or film that deals with sexual love, especially in an idealized form.

 romance book

           Such is the dictionary definition of Romance.  In real life it’s a love story.  Two people meeting, falling in love, and trying hard for happily-ever-after while overcoming misunderstandings, hardships, secret babies, kidnappers, or just plain old stubbornness.


            And who reads Romance novels.  Just about every-frigging-body.  Well not so much men – maybe.  But men make up 9% of the Romance reading public. And since approximately 75 million people read Romance every year, that’s a male readership of 6,750,000.  Wow – guys – I’m proud of ya.  But if you are female, over the age of 16, and can read above an 8th grade level – you have read Romance – whether or not you admit it.

             And just who is the average Romance reader?  Well, that would be a woman between the ages of 30 and 54 making between $50,000 and $99,900 per year.  She would likely be from the South.  Half of Romance readers live with a spouse or partner.  Forty-four percent of Romance book buyers consider themselves “frequent readers” (read quite a few romances); 31 percent are “avid readers” (almost always reading a romance novel); and 25 percent are “occasional readers” (on and off, like when on vacation).  Forty one percent of Romance book buyers have been reading Romance for 20 years or more.  (Statistics from Bowker® Market Research, Q2 2012, New Books Purchased and RWA’s 2012 Romance Book Consumer survey.) shades of grey

            And that’s just readership.  What about sales you ask?  Well yes, I have the answer to that.  Romance fiction generated $1.438 billion in sales in 2012 and is 2013 sales are estimated at $1.350 billion.  No really.  That’s BILLION, actually closing in on one and a half billion dollars – a year!  (source: Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013)

             Here’s how Romance stacked up against other reading material:  (source: Simba Information estimates)

            Romance fiction: $1.438 billion in estimated revenue for 2012

            Religion/inspirational: $717.9 million

            Mystery: $728.2 million

            Science fiction/fantasy: $590.2 million

            Classic literary fiction: $470.5 million

            Romance beat out the next best selling category (Religion) by slightly more than double.  And that’s just sales of NEW books.  These statistics don’t take into account people who pass their Romance novels around to family, friends, and neighbors.  Nor does it account for all of us who haunt thrift stores and buy Romances by the bagful for 50 cents apiece. book-ipad








And here’s a few more statistics for you:

 Romance fiction was the largest share of the U.S. consumer market in 2012 at 16.7 percent.   (source: Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013)

Romance was the top-performing category on the best-seller lists in 2012 (across the NYT, USA Today, and PW best-seller lists).

 Forty four percent of readers are reading in an e-book format.  But the rest of us still prefer a good old fashioned book we can hold and flip through the pages.  You know.  To go back and read the good parts.  The really good parts.  The really, really good parts.  (Statistics from Bowker Market Research, Q1 2012, New Books Purchased)

 Besides…who could resist reading a Romance when you know the hero looks like this…

hot hunk











Or this…











Random Thursday…

Random –

1. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random people.


In a Romance novel – this could so happen.






2. lacking any definite plan or prearranged order; haphazard: a random selection.

hunk on beach

I just randomly love this picture of a delectablelicious guy on the beach.







3. occurring or done without definite aim, reason, or pattern: random examples.

half naked




Just a random example of things I love.





4. (of a person) unknown: some random guy waiting for a bus.







I don’t drink milk often…but when I do…I like to lick it off a random hot guy.



Not so random…but I chose it anyway.

Jase Dean

jase dean





Don’t  ya just love being patriotic…

Service, Sacrifice, and Beyond…

Alex Minsky alex minsky-2

This is Alex Minsky.  A before picture.  One of the few, the proud, the brave.  A Marine.  Then in Afghanistan in 2009 a road side bomb almost killed him.  He was in a coma for over a month, and spent another year and a half in the hospital recuperating.  He had burns over much of his body and lost his right leg.  After discharge he turned to the bottle.  But sick and tired of being sick and tired, he found his way into a gym…and a new life.


After a lot of workouts and a lot of ink, he was approached by someone asking if he had ever modeled.  Alex thought it was a gay guy hitting on him.  No really…that’s what he said in the interview ( ).  But photographer Tom Cullis thought Alex had “a movie star face with wild ink and sweat”, and convinced Alex to model for him.

 This is Alex Minsky now…a fitness and underwear model.Alex Minsky



I think it is so cute that he has a tattoo on the sock that covers his prosthetic foot.  But what’s with that tattoo on his lower belly that says DON”T LAUGH.  Of course I haven’t actually seen what’s below that tattoo, but…







somehow, I’m thinking it isn’t anything to laugh at.




 Alex loves avocados, plays the guitar, and works out 4 hours a day to keep that body.  He also created quite a controversy when photographer Michael Stokes posted this picture on Facebook…

alex minsky-6Stokes was notified that it contained nudity or obscenity.  Facebook removed it, and banned him for 3 days.  In a statement of support over 4,000 Facebook fans reposted the picture.  Glad to say that Michael Stokes ( ) and Alex Minsky are both back on Facebook.





Alex is on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and can be seen at Model Mayhem.  And guess what?  He even looks good with his clothes on. alex minsky-5 




Who woulda thought…?





Christopher Van Etten and his bomb dog Harley, who is now his service dog. Chris VE-1



Christopher Van Etten is a double amputee, injured in Afghanistan when two IED’s exploded in June 2012.  Like Alex Minsky he has come back full stride.  In October he hand cycled the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC and now he’s into…



you guessed it…modeling underwear.  Chris VE-3








 Chris is on Facebook, instagram, and twitter.  Chris VE-2








 His mom says, “It’s a little weird to see my son pretty much naked all over Facebook, but I’m pretty proud of him.” ( www.bnd.com2013/11/09.2894542/we-cant-thank-this-community-enough )

 He also has a great sense of humor… Chris VE-5 


This was posted recently on his Facebook page.




 Alex and Christopher……thanks for your service, thanks for your sacrifice, thanks for your inspiration.  Semper Fi.

 alex minsky-3

 Chris VE-4










Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About

Sometimes while searching through cyber space for hunky guys or romance related tidbits, I come across Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About.  I’m taking a break today to show you some of the Just too Stupid things I have found recently.  I don’t want to know if you really think any of these things are a good idea.  Enjoy. 

It seemed like a better idea in the conceptual stage. elephant slide 







Then she said, “It’s OK.  I have the Jaws of Life on speed dial.” stupid playground 










 Really?  You couldn’t carry your ammo yourself? Lucy Dog







So I thought, I’ll fool everybody.  They won’t know if I’m coming or going. face tattoo









So then I said to myself, if I just had a way to hold it still so I could use both hands to start it…chainsaw 











There goes that motherhood of the year award – right out the window.motherhood 







 I don’t know.  I said to my friends I should just have stupid tattooed on my forehead.  Then I passed out. stupid 







Because friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone. stupid-golf










 I just couldn’t let that roadkill go to waste. slippers







Because it didn’t come with a sidecar. grocery store











And just to drool over…one of my favorite guys…Tanji.tanji-bad boy