Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About

Sometimes while searching through cyber space for hunky guys or romance related tidbits, I come across Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About.  I’m taking a break today to show you some of the Just too Stupid things I have found recently.  I don’t want to know if you really think any of these things are a good idea.  Enjoy. 

It seemed like a better idea in the conceptual stage. elephant slide 







Then she said, “It’s OK.  I have the Jaws of Life on speed dial.” stupid playground 










 Really?  You couldn’t carry your ammo yourself? Lucy Dog







So I thought, I’ll fool everybody.  They won’t know if I’m coming or going. face tattoo









So then I said to myself, if I just had a way to hold it still so I could use both hands to start it…chainsaw 











There goes that motherhood of the year award – right out the window.motherhood 







 I don’t know.  I said to my friends I should just have stupid tattooed on my forehead.  Then I passed out. stupid 







Because friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone. stupid-golf










 I just couldn’t let that roadkill go to waste. slippers







Because it didn’t come with a sidecar. grocery store











And just to drool over…one of my favorite guys…Tanji.tanji-bad boy

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