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My Idea of Social Media










The Reality

I find myself in need of several social media platforms.  I don’t like the idea.  I don’t like social media.  But if I am going to publish a book, I’m told I need social media.  Well, not to get it published.  To get it sold to hundreds of thousands of millions of people who are eagerly awaiting its release.

So, being technologically disadvantaged, I decided to take a four week social media class at the community college.  It’s not really a college class.  It’s a community interest class.  And it’s not really four weeks either.  It’s four Thursday evenings.  For an hour and a half.  But WTH, six hours of my time to learn about five social media platforms.  I figure if I can learn all that, it’s worth it.

I am supposed to be able to learn Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Tumbler.  I actually have accounts on all those sites.  I just don’t know how to use any of them except Facebook.  I can log into Tumbler, but can’t go anywhere after that.  I love looking at all the pictures on Pinterest, but can’t figure out how to set up a board so I can post my own pictures.  A friend’s nine year old tells me she posts regularly to her Pinterest boards.  Really?

I told the kid across the street that I was taking this class and what I hoped to learn.  She said, “I could show you how to use all those sites.”

I said, “So I should have given you the $30.00 and been taught all this in the comfort of my own den?”

She said, “I would have done it for $25.00.”

She’s thirteen.  Sheesh.

So, I’ve gotten one class behind me and the next one is tonight.  Up until last week I could pretty much only read what my friends sent me on Facebook and make a comment.  Now I know how to post to my own timeline and how to share.  I thought I had learned to share in kindergarten, but that was my toys and maybe half my graham cracker.  Now I can share what someone sends me with all 23 of my friends.  I had 24 friends, but one person recently unfriended me.  She got mad at a relative and unfriended everyone he was related to.  I need to figure out how to get more friends.  Go there and friend me.  Please. 

facebook joke








Not really.  But I follow so many other Facebook pages that it usually takes me forty five minutes to an hour, twice a day, to go through all the new posts to my Facebook page.  I’ll share some of my favorites with you so you too can follow them and spend half your day liking all the posts.


My very favorite is Michael Stokes Photography He also has a web site, and posts on Tumbler and Twitter – where he can post the more risqué photos not allowed on Facebook.  Check him out.  He takes stunning photos like this one…

Adam Von Rothfelder






Adam Von Rothfelder



And this one…Don’t know who this is but go here to see the full shot…

Stokes - 1








And then there is his new book masculinity








And who doesn’t love a man in uniform… man in uniform









Some of my other favorite sites are the Fifty Shades of Sexy sites.  Just type in Fifty Shades of Sexy and the whole list will come up. There’s FSOS Hot, Hunky, Heroes, FSOS Certified County Boys, FSOS Bad Boys, FSOS Hot & Sexy, FSOS Hot Cowboys, Alpha Males, Cougar Bait.  Yeah you get it.  Where did you think I found all the hunkalicious pictures I post here.


And then there’s Eye Candy’s Sexy Confections With the Uber Sexy (yeah I learned a new word too) Colin Wayne as their cover photo… Colin Wayne - 2



That’s enough for today. OK People.


My stats are way down from 10 days ago when they skyrocketed.  What’s up with that?  So if you liked this post…well click the like button.  Better yet follow my blog.  And don’t forget to friend me on Facebook.

Quandary and Double Dog Dare

I have been in a quandary the last couple of days, trying to think of a topic for my blog today.   Quandary – a state of perplexity or uncertainty, esp. as to what to do.  Sort of a way of life for me actually.

I started my blog on October 31, 2013.  I try to blog twice a week.  Most weeks I make that happen.  So now I have 27 behind me.  And I can’t think of anything to blog about?

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog political stuff or religious stuff.  So that cuts down on a lot of options.  I read a statistic once that listed the top three things we – collectively we, i.e. you, me, and everyone else that can trace six degrees to Kevin Bacon – spend our money on. Oh…there I am, finishing a sentence with a preposition.

grammar police








OK, back to what upon which we spend our money.  It’s sex, food and pets.  I’ll post funny pictures of animals occasionally, but I’m not really a pet person.

dog and cat









And yes, I did post a recipe once and a couple of you said you were going to try it.  But really, I hate to cook.

cooking - 1







So that leaves sex…or Facebook…

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Strike that.  There is nothing I love about Facebook, basically it’s just a hate relationship. No.  It’s not even a relationship.  I just hate Facebook.  It probably doesn’t hate me, but it should…










I resisted getting Facebook until I needed a public forum.  This is why.

facebook joke - 2





Not that I actually phoned all my friends to say good night.  It never occurred to me that I should let everyone know when I was going to bed.  I don’t think they really care.  On the other hand, I only have 23 friends on Facebook – how long could it take to call each one and say good night.  Then again, I don’t really know a couple of those Friends.  And several of them are children who probably don’t stay up near as late as I do.  And some may not be home, so I’d have to leave a message…aye…  Maybe Facebook is the way to tell everyone when I’m going to bed, what I’m having for breakfast/lunch/dinner, all the errands I went on today, etc.etc.etc… No.  Not really…

So that just leaves sex.  Which is mostly what this blog is about anyway.  Well sex and romance.  So I will leave you all with these two incredibly sexy guys – Andrew Mclaren and Stuart Reardon

andrew mclaren

stuart reardon

Don’t have anything to say?  Nothing to comment?  Not an opinion on anything?  Don’t you dare write something in that comment space.  OK.  I double dog dare you to…

Alex Minsky and Brad Ivanchan – Thanks for your Service

Alex - uniform




OK.  Did you all see Alex Minsky on The View a couple of days ago.  You can see it at my Facebook page   I checked YouTube, but I couldn’t find it.  There are several other YouTube videos of Alex though, including interviews with Jay Leno and the Today Show.  Go check them out, along with his Facebook page.

alex - 1








Alex is also on the cover of a new book – Fighting to Forget by JB Salsbury – to be released April 15, 2014.

Alex - book cover








Here’s another American Hero for you.  Brad Ivanchan.

Brad - uniform




U.S. Marine Cpl. Brad Ivanchan was born in 1988 and grew up with a sister and brother in the Phoenix/Glendale, Arizona area.  He joined the Marines in 2008 and was deployed to both Iraq and the South Pacific as a machine gunner before deploying to Afghanistan.  While in Afghanistan, Brad stepped on a pressure plate, setting off an improvised explosive device that severed his right leg below the knee, his left leg above the knee, and damaged his left hand.  Afterwards he underwent 11 surgeries at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

Brad - Iraq-2




Brad in Iraq

Less than 3 months after his injury he was approached by Tim Medvets.  Tim is an ex-biker and avid climber who runs a non-profit called The Heroes Project (  The Heroes Project takes severely wounded Vets and gives them a second chance at life through climbing some of the tallest peaks in the world.  Brad signed on immediately and started training in the mountains surrounding L.A and San Diego. Within 9 months of losing his legs he became the first double amputee in the world to climb Mt.Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak at 22,840 ft. in elevation.  He says he went from the lowest point in his life to the highest point in his life in less than 9 months.  And he feels he is living proof that no matter what life throws your way that you can forge on and overcome those obstacles.  There are truly no bounds to what the human spirit can achieve!

On Mt.Aconcagua – Brad hiked up 22,840 feet

Brad - Mt






Brad is on Facebook and has a website.

And guess what else he’s doing?  No really.  OK, you guessed right.  He’s modeling.

Brad - 1








brad - 2







Alex and Brad – Thanks for your Service – Thanks for your Sacrifice.  Semper Fi.

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Another Time Out

OK people.  It’s time for another time out.  Enjoy.

old hippy chick

Did ya ever wonder whatever happened to all those cute little hippy chicks that used to wear flowers, get tattoos, and sleep with everybody?

Now ya know.

why women live longer



It’s also why boys need mothers.









Just too darn cute.  I only tried to be normal once, too.  Didn’t work for me either.



Emergency on aisle 7.  Emergency on aisle 7.  We need the jaws of life over here.

jaws of life





How did she get in there in the first place?

man bra





Really?  And the worst part is, his girlfriend seems OK with this.




neck tattoo






Maybe not ever…


stupid forehead







Was the label really necessary in this case?








Of course WE know better don’t we?

Chris VE-3



Chris Van Etten – underwear model extraordinaire.





smart girls












OMG.  It’s a smorgasbord. I’ll take a bite of each please.

free to a good home





I found him. Can I keep him?


OK People.  I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog this last week.  Thanks so much.  But how about some more followers…and maybe a comment or two?

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day Stuff

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day Stuff

 Colin Wayne Valentine


Yummy Colin Wayne




Origins of Valentine’s Day

 Valentine‘s Day has its origins in several different legends.  The holiday seems to have begun in ancient Roman with the festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration held on February 15.  About 496, Pope Gelasius I declared this pagan festival as a Christian feast day to be held on February 14 and called St. Valentine’s Day.

 romance joke


The Real St. Valentine

There appear to be at least three early Christian saints by the name Valentine. One was a priest in Rome, while another was a bishop in Terni.  Almost nothing is known of the third, except that he met his end in Africa.  All three Valentines were said to have been martyred on Feb. 14.

Most authorities believe that the St. Valentine of the holiday was a Roman priest who attracted the disfavor of Roman emperor Claudius II around 270 A.D.  Several legends explain this disfavor.  One is that Valentine performed secret marriages for Roman soldiers who were not permitted to marry.  Another legend has it that Valentine was imprisoned by Claudius and fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. Before being executed, he allegedly sent her a letter signed “from your Valentine.” However, the most plausible story surrounding St. Valentine is agape love (Christian love).  He was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion.

 Not until the 14th century was this Christian feast day definitively associated with romantic love. Chaucer first linked St. Valentine’s Day with romance in 1381 by composing a poem in honor of the engagement between England’s Richard II and Anne of Bohemia on February 14.  (UCLA medieval scholar Henry Ansgar Kelly, author of Chaucer and the Cult of Saint Valentine)

 valentine cowboy


Valentine Cards

By the 18th century, gift-giving and exchanging hand-made cards on Valentine’s Day had become common in England.  The tradition soon spread to the American colonies, but did not become widespread in the United States until the 1850s when Esther A. Howland, a Mount Holyoke graduate and native of Worcester, Mass., began mass-producing cards.


 One of the earliest popular symbols of the Valentine’s Day is Cupid, the Roman god of love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with bow and arrow.  However, before he was Cupid he was Eros the Greek god of love.

 valentine - 2








Little Known Factoids

The oldest known Valentine’s poem in existence today was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans during his imprisonment in the Tower of London, following the Battle of Agincourt, The poem was written to his wife (

In 1969, the Catholic Church revised its liturgical calendar, removing the feast days of saints whose historical origins were questionable. St. Valentine was one of the casualties.

Today the holiday is a booming commercial success with 25% of all cards sent each year being valentines (According to the Greeting Card Association).

150 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year (

 40,000 Americans are employed at chocolate companies (

 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day (

 6 million couples will get engaged on Valentine’s Day (

 valentine - 1







 colin wayne - 1





And leaving you with the delicious Colin Wayne…




Assad Shalhoub

lick the screen






OK people.  I’m cyber stalking again.  I found a new loveablelicious guy.  Assad Shalhoub.  And now that he’s just turned 21, I’m feeling a little less like a pervert and more like just a cougar.  His Facebook page says he is: (

100% Lebanese

100% Gentleman

100% Gym Connoisseur

100% Health Enthusiast

100% Philanthropist

100% Motivated

Ya gotta love a man in uniform…

Assad Shalhoub - 1







The six foot one inch, 190 pound, drop dead gorgeous Assad was born in Canada to Lebanese parents.  They then lived in Detroit while his father was finishing his residency.  After that they moved to Florida.  Assad was the captain of his varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse teams while attending Saint Edward’s School in Vero Beach.  He is attending University of Central Florida in Orlando (class of 2015) studying biology and psychology.  He wants to be a plastic surgeon.  Yes, really.

No plastic surgery needed on that face.

assad shalhoub - 3








Assad writes poetry and short stories and wants to write at least two books.  He has wanted to be a model since he was in high school.  He is interested in the music industry and would like to be a DJ or producer.  Soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse have always been his passions.

Assad has an unusual tattoo on his right hip.  It translates to “Dear Lord/Oh God” from the Arabic word “Yarab”.  And it incorporates the Nike Symbol because he loves sports.

assad shalhoub - 4






Assad is single and has never been in a relationship before, because he obviously spends most of his time pleasing others.  No, really.  That was in his profile on two different sites.  Do we really believe this?

assad shaljoub - 2








No we don’t believe that.  Because his personal Facebook page says he is in a relationship with model Riley Ferguson (  Big sigh…

He is the model on the cover of the book Forbidden by C.T. Nicholson.  You can download the book at Amazon for 99 cents.

assad shalhoub - 5



Absolutely drool worthy…………..



Abibliophobia – Tsundoku

How to use this book





I recently learned two new words.  The first word is abibliophobia.  It is defined as “an intense, all consuming fear of running out of things to read.”

One article said abibliophobia is an “amusing vocabulary item composed of the Greek prefix a (meaning not) + biblio (book) + o + phobos (fear) + ia (a nominal suffix).  Yeah, I guess.  The article went on to say the word abibliophobia is correctly constructed, so you can use it without breaking any rules of English grammar.  Great.  I’ll be getting that into my everyday vocabulary right away.

Sarah Wendell over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books  loves the word so much she had an illustrated definition made for the word.









The word even has its own Facebook page.  The page was started in October 2012, has three posts on it, and 12 people like it.  Guess the word isn’t catching on as fast as they thought.

I sometimes get a little anxious when I don’t have a book I am actively reading, but I don’t think I have abibliophobia.  No.  I couldn’t possibly have it.  Because there is this word.  Tsundoku.  This is a Japanese word pun from tsumu – to pile up, and doku – to read.  It means the “act of leaving a book unread after acquiring it, typically piled up together with other such unread books.”

Yep.  That’s me.  The bookshelves are stuffed full.  Then there are boxes of books, baskets full of books, piles of books on desks, dressers, nightstand, end tables, the dining table, and on the floor in the corners.

pile of books








I wouldn’t have it any other way.

attention span








Leaving you with something enjoyable to read.

bedtime prayer





And something enjoyable to look at…Stuart Reardon.  Google him.  Drool.  Try not to lick the screen.

Stuart Reardon




How the hell did he keep that in place?

Belly Tattoos

I have been seeing more pictures of hunkalicious guys with great belly tattoos.  I’m not sure why – but I just love them. Uh, love the pictures, love the belly tattoos…love, love, love… belly tattoo










I don’t know who either of these guys are, but I drool anyway.

belly tattoo-2 










OK – what’s with these tats?  I love these, especially the one around his belly button.  This is Alejandro Corzo and there are tons of pictures of him if you Google his name.  I could only find one other picture of him (on his Facebook page) with these tattoos.  I hope this is a recent picture and they aren’t fake.  Anyhoo – he is a Spanish model and actor.  He has a website, is on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and can be seen at Model Management.  Check him out. belly tattoo-3









OK – I don’t love ALL the belly tattoos.belly tattoo-4 



What’s he going to do?  Shoot it off?




 Sigh…and He’s a Cowboy, too. belly tattoo-5









And my favorite belly tattoo…and one of my favorite guys…Umid. Umid -belly tattoo

Super Bowl Sunday

Denver Wes Welker









Wes Welker – The Denver Broncos wide receiver looks like a sexy pirate, and to boot, he’s got a heart o’ gold.  He started a foundation for at-risk youth in his hometown of Oklahoma City. Don’t fight it, just swoon.

wes welker







So, today is Super Bowl Sunday.   It’s 4PM Pacific time.  Notice that I am posting on my blog.  We were supposed to have company, so I made Poppy Seed Chicken.  Then they cancelled.  More for us.

Poppy Seed Chicken


Since I love this dish so much, I’m sharing it with you.




8 x 15 inch pan

1 bag of frozen broccoli florets

24 ounces of cooked sliced/diced chicken breast  (I get the 16 oz. packages of Trader Joe’s cooked, sliced chicken.

8 oz. sour cream

1 can, cream of chicken soup (low sodium and low fat is OK)

1 cube ob butter (NOT margarine)

1 roll of Ritz or HiHo crackers

Poppy seeds

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Spread thawed broccoli in the bottom of the pan

-Spread chicken evenly over the broccoli

-Mix sour cream and cream of chicken soup together.  Spread this mixture over the chicken, covering it all.

-Crush the crackers and mix in melted cube of butter.  Spread the cracker mix over the top of the sour cream/soup mix.

-Sprinkle liberally with poppy seeds.

-Bake in oven for one hour, or until hot all the way through.

Everyone I’ve ever made this for has absolutely loved it.  A few years ago I gave the recipe to a friend who gave it to his sister.  When he went to visit her, she made it for him.  He told her it didn’t taste like the poppy seed chicken I made.  She said, “Well, I didn’t have cream of chicken soup so I used cream of mushroom.  And I didn’t have Ritz crackers so I used saltines.  And I didn’t have butter so I used margarine.  And I didn’t have any poppy seeds.”

Well, duh.  Then it’s not poppy seed chicken is it?  You want to experiment, OK, do it on your own time.  You want poppy seed chicken – follow the recipe.

Seahawks Russell Wilson









Russell Wilson – Making the Seattle Seahawks a force to be reckoned with wasn’t enough for this quarterback. He also visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital weekly, runs a youth football camp, and visits injured soldiers.




Hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl Sunday.