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OK people.  I’m cyber stalking again.  I found a new loveablelicious guy.  Assad Shalhoub.  And now that he’s just turned 21, I’m feeling a little less like a pervert and more like just a cougar.  His Facebook page says he is: (

100% Lebanese

100% Gentleman

100% Gym Connoisseur

100% Health Enthusiast

100% Philanthropist

100% Motivated

Ya gotta love a man in uniform…

Assad Shalhoub - 1







The six foot one inch, 190 pound, drop dead gorgeous Assad was born in Canada to Lebanese parents.  They then lived in Detroit while his father was finishing his residency.  After that they moved to Florida.  Assad was the captain of his varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse teams while attending Saint Edward’s School in Vero Beach.  He is attending University of Central Florida in Orlando (class of 2015) studying biology and psychology.  He wants to be a plastic surgeon.  Yes, really.

No plastic surgery needed on that face.

assad shalhoub - 3








Assad writes poetry and short stories and wants to write at least two books.  He has wanted to be a model since he was in high school.  He is interested in the music industry and would like to be a DJ or producer.  Soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse have always been his passions.

Assad has an unusual tattoo on his right hip.  It translates to “Dear Lord/Oh God” from the Arabic word “Yarab”.  And it incorporates the Nike Symbol because he loves sports.

assad shalhoub - 4






Assad is single and has never been in a relationship before, because he obviously spends most of his time pleasing others.  No, really.  That was in his profile on two different sites.  Do we really believe this?

assad shaljoub - 2








No we don’t believe that.  Because his personal Facebook page says he is in a relationship with model Riley Ferguson (  Big sigh…

He is the model on the cover of the book Forbidden by C.T. Nicholson.  You can download the book at Amazon for 99 cents.

assad shalhoub - 5



Absolutely drool worthy…………..



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