Robbie Gambrell – Where Are You?

Time for another incredible, droolable, hunkalicious man…

Robbie Gambrell - 3







This is Robbie Gambrell.  Though I love, love, love men with long hair, I don’t usually like dreads.  But in his case, I’ll make an exception.

Robbie - suit porn



Ahhh, suitporn…





Thirty one year old Robbie Gambrell had been working construction for almost ten years in Apollo Beach, Florida when he was signed by Benz Mondiale in February 2011.  He then had his first test shoot in St. Petersburg, Florida with Susan Jeffers.  Since then he has done a commercial for Elle Fashion, a couture spread in Portafolio Fashion Magazine, and starred in a music video with Sheena Brooks (Drank My Way to Jesus).

Robbie became an only child at 15 when his older sister Heather passed away.  He has a six paragraph poem that was written for her tattooed on his back.  He says it is his most meaningful tattoo. 

Robbie Gambrell - 6








At six foot, two inches and 190 pounds, Robbie stays in shape by playing basketball four days a week and beach volleyball two days a week.  It’s not only his workout routine, but the way he hangs out with his friends and has fun.  He also hits the gym every day after work.

Robbie Gambrell










Robbie Gambrell -4This is the only recent photo I could find of Robbie.  With his new tattoos commemorating the birth of his daughter.







Robbie is on Model Mayhem:

And he has a Facebook page:   though he doesn’t post very often on it.


Love, love, love this picture…don’t know why…just do…

Robbie Gambrell - 2









Robbie also has a Youtube video:! He’s singing and pretty good at it, too.

Can’t find any recent pictures of Robbie modeling.  Hope he hasn’t quit…So I’m leaving you with these two beautiful shots…

Robbie Gambrell - 5








Oh my…those eyes…

Robbie Gambrell.- 1





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