Bad Decisions

Why would you want to advertise this?

bad decisions

Yeah…this was a really bad investment opportunity.

DVD rewinder

“Oh my.  It looked way different in the showroom than it does hanging over my dining table.”


Feeling a little awkward when my mother calls.


Here’s another bad decision.  This is a six pack…

six pack - 1


However, words have different meanings.  This is also a six pack.  Boy Howdy…

cowboy sixpack

And this is a six pack.  I’ll take one of each please…

one of each

Clearly a good decision.


OK.  Time to like the post, follow my blog, and friend me on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Bad Decisions

  1. It’s good to know that for every bad decision in life there’s a hot young man with heavenly abs willing to take his clothes off. I’m going to continue to make terrible life choices JUST so the young men don’t have to get dressed.

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