Bad Decisions

Why would you want to advertise this?

bad decisions

Yeah…this was a really bad investment opportunity.

DVD rewinder

“Oh my.  It looked way different in the showroom than it does hanging over my dining table.”


Feeling a little awkward when my mother calls.


Here’s another bad decision.  This is a six pack…

six pack - 1


However, words have different meanings.  This is also a six pack.  Boy Howdy…

cowboy sixpack

And this is a six pack.  I’ll take one of each please…

one of each

Clearly a good decision.


OK.  Time to like the post, follow my blog, and friend me on Facebook.


Oh What to Write…

I am just at a loss again as to what I should blog about.  I mean how many pictures of half naked men can you look at?  Well, OK.  A lot.

Stuart Reardon




Stuart Reardon





And how many stupid pictures can one post?  All right, there’s a lot of those too.

gramma in grocery cart


Because Gramma left her walker at home.  Just how did she get in there anyway…?




And pictures of cute animals?  Yeah, plenty of those…

cute cat








Of course we could combine cute animal pictures with stupid pictures.

Then we would get this…

strech pants












Please try to remember:  Spandex is a privilege not a right…




Or I could go for some humor.

taliban-cell phone


Yeah I don’t get it either.  For what I pay for my c-phone, I should be able to receive calls from the space station.



Or I could impart some sage advice…

don't believe internet


Actually, I always thought Benjamin Franklin said that.



OK.  Maybe I should just stick with the half naked guys.

David Gandy



David Gandy





jase dean - 1





Jase Dean



Or…the all naked guys.

Bobby Creighton - 3


Bobby Creighton




For you Little Miss M….you know who you are…


Matus Valent



Matus Valent





I just can’t believe ya’ll don’t have any comments.  At least give me an idea to blog about.  How about let’s all be friends on Facebook.

Quandary and Double Dog Dare

I have been in a quandary the last couple of days, trying to think of a topic for my blog today.   Quandary – a state of perplexity or uncertainty, esp. as to what to do.  Sort of a way of life for me actually.

I started my blog on October 31, 2013.  I try to blog twice a week.  Most weeks I make that happen.  So now I have 27 behind me.  And I can’t think of anything to blog about?

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog political stuff or religious stuff.  So that cuts down on a lot of options.  I read a statistic once that listed the top three things we – collectively we, i.e. you, me, and everyone else that can trace six degrees to Kevin Bacon – spend our money on. Oh…there I am, finishing a sentence with a preposition.

grammar police








OK, back to what upon which we spend our money.  It’s sex, food and pets.  I’ll post funny pictures of animals occasionally, but I’m not really a pet person.

dog and cat









And yes, I did post a recipe once and a couple of you said you were going to try it.  But really, I hate to cook.

cooking - 1







So that leaves sex…or Facebook…

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Strike that.  There is nothing I love about Facebook, basically it’s just a hate relationship. No.  It’s not even a relationship.  I just hate Facebook.  It probably doesn’t hate me, but it should…










I resisted getting Facebook until I needed a public forum.  This is why.

facebook joke - 2





Not that I actually phoned all my friends to say good night.  It never occurred to me that I should let everyone know when I was going to bed.  I don’t think they really care.  On the other hand, I only have 23 friends on Facebook – how long could it take to call each one and say good night.  Then again, I don’t really know a couple of those Friends.  And several of them are children who probably don’t stay up near as late as I do.  And some may not be home, so I’d have to leave a message…aye…  Maybe Facebook is the way to tell everyone when I’m going to bed, what I’m having for breakfast/lunch/dinner, all the errands I went on today, etc.etc.etc… No.  Not really…

So that just leaves sex.  Which is mostly what this blog is about anyway.  Well sex and romance.  So I will leave you all with these two incredibly sexy guys – Andrew Mclaren and Stuart Reardon

andrew mclaren

stuart reardon

Don’t have anything to say?  Nothing to comment?  Not an opinion on anything?  Don’t you dare write something in that comment space.  OK.  I double dog dare you to…


So my friend set up a Twitter account, along with a Blog, and a Facebook page that only has three bits of information on it – my name, that I live in Bakersfield, and that I am married.  I also have a Domain name and a Web site under construction.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of this social media.  Please be patient, the learning curve is long and slow.


“Hey, guess what?”  I said to my husband.  “I have a twitter account.”

 “That’s nice.”  He responded.

 “Now I can twit.”


 “Hmm, is that the past tense?”

 “Past tense of what?”

 “Is tweet the past tense of twit?”

 “No.  When you post to your Twitter account it’s called a tweet.”

 “How come if it’s a Twitter account it’s not a twit?”

 Stoney stare…


OK.  Moving on.  I have a friend that is blogging his book.  So I wonder if I could twit my book.  You are only allowed 140 characters per twit.  I figure at an average of five letters per word, that’s 28 words per twit.  But then you have to count spaces and punctuation, and all those quotations marks…I have a lot of dialogue in my book.  So if I subtract 15 characters/3 words for all that, I’m down to 25 words per twit.

 At 52,000 words I would need 2,080 twits to do the whole book.  OK.  So I can type 70 words per minute, more if spelling doesn’t count.  That means I could do say three twits a minute.  But you have to log in, send, and log out and that takes time.  So if I could type two twits a minute I would need only 1,040 minutes to twit my whole book.

 That many minutes is 17 and 1/3 hours…let’s just round that up to 18 hours.  I could twit my whole book in just three 6 hour days!

 Somehow the math doesn’t seem right…I’ve been working on this book for four years.  Of course I was out of commission for about two years, but still…. If I let my imagination go nonstop, I could be cranking out a book a week.



 There once was a woman named Marge

Who lived with her husband Sarge

And when she had twit

What she had writ

She felt like she was in charge.