Just Random Stupidity and Totally Useless Things

warning label






Just Random Stupidity and Totally Useless Things…

shower notes




Really?  Who writes notes to themselves in the shower?



scissors holster






Because you never know when you will have to give someone an emergency haircut…


swimming pool




A roof, water, electric…let me guess.  Because friends don’t let friends do stupid things alone…



dog in sweats





You’ll look cute he told me.  And he promised not to put it on Facebook.



hairy shoes


Hey.  Let’s go out and leave some Bigfoot tracks around the neighbor’s backyard.







Kind of makes it hard to blend into a crowd…



angry uterus microwave hearing pad



The Angry Uterus Microwavable Heating Pad.  Awh, come on people…And why would the Uterus be angry?



sex light




Seriously?  Somebody actually thought this up?  And thought it was a necessary item?



neighbor kid





No.  But we have this neighbor kid that I am sure has a future involving a freezer full of spare body parts.




And of course, no Blog would be complete without a few pictures of very droolable guys…







Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?  Oh wait.  You don’t have a pocket.







A Cowboy AND a belly tattoo.  Swoon…

big hose




Yeah.  I’ll just bet he does…