Another Time Out

OK people.  It’s time for another time out.  Enjoy.

old hippy chick

Did ya ever wonder whatever happened to all those cute little hippy chicks that used to wear flowers, get tattoos, and sleep with everybody?

Now ya know.

why women live longer



It’s also why boys need mothers.









Just too darn cute.  I only tried to be normal once, too.  Didn’t work for me either.



Emergency on aisle 7.  Emergency on aisle 7.  We need the jaws of life over here.

jaws of life





How did she get in there in the first place?

man bra





Really?  And the worst part is, his girlfriend seems OK with this.




neck tattoo






Maybe not ever…


stupid forehead







Was the label really necessary in this case?








Of course WE know better don’t we?

Chris VE-3



Chris Van Etten – underwear model extraordinaire.





smart girls












OMG.  It’s a smorgasbord. I’ll take a bite of each please.

free to a good home





I found him. Can I keep him?


OK People.  I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog this last week.  Thanks so much.  But how about some more followers…and maybe a comment or two?


Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About

Sometimes while searching through cyber space for hunky guys or romance related tidbits, I come across Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About.  I’m taking a break today to show you some of the Just too Stupid things I have found recently.  I don’t want to know if you really think any of these things are a good idea.  Enjoy. 

It seemed like a better idea in the conceptual stage. elephant slide 







Then she said, “It’s OK.  I have the Jaws of Life on speed dial.” stupid playground 










 Really?  You couldn’t carry your ammo yourself? Lucy Dog







So I thought, I’ll fool everybody.  They won’t know if I’m coming or going. face tattoo









So then I said to myself, if I just had a way to hold it still so I could use both hands to start it…chainsaw 











There goes that motherhood of the year award – right out the window.motherhood 







 I don’t know.  I said to my friends I should just have stupid tattooed on my forehead.  Then I passed out. stupid 







Because friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone. stupid-golf










 I just couldn’t let that roadkill go to waste. slippers







Because it didn’t come with a sidecar. grocery store











And just to drool over…one of my favorite guys…Tanji.tanji-bad boy