Robbie Gambrell – Where Are You?

Time for another incredible, droolable, hunkalicious man…

Robbie Gambrell - 3







This is Robbie Gambrell.  Though I love, love, love men with long hair, I don’t usually like dreads.  But in his case, I’ll make an exception.

Robbie - suit porn



Ahhh, suitporn…





Thirty one year old Robbie Gambrell had been working construction for almost ten years in Apollo Beach, Florida when he was signed by Benz Mondiale in February 2011.  He then had his first test shoot in St. Petersburg, Florida with Susan Jeffers.  Since then he has done a commercial for Elle Fashion, a couture spread in Portafolio Fashion Magazine, and starred in a music video with Sheena Brooks (Drank My Way to Jesus).

Robbie became an only child at 15 when his older sister Heather passed away.  He has a six paragraph poem that was written for her tattooed on his back.  He says it is his most meaningful tattoo. 

Robbie Gambrell - 6








At six foot, two inches and 190 pounds, Robbie stays in shape by playing basketball four days a week and beach volleyball two days a week.  It’s not only his workout routine, but the way he hangs out with his friends and has fun.  He also hits the gym every day after work.

Robbie Gambrell










Robbie Gambrell -4This is the only recent photo I could find of Robbie.  With his new tattoos commemorating the birth of his daughter.







Robbie is on Model Mayhem:

And he has a Facebook page:   though he doesn’t post very often on it.


Love, love, love this picture…don’t know why…just do…

Robbie Gambrell - 2









Robbie also has a Youtube video:! He’s singing and pretty good at it, too.

Can’t find any recent pictures of Robbie modeling.  Hope he hasn’t quit…So I’m leaving you with these two beautiful shots…

Robbie Gambrell - 5








Oh my…those eyes…

Robbie Gambrell.- 1





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Another Time Out

OK people.  It’s time for another time out.  Enjoy.

old hippy chick

Did ya ever wonder whatever happened to all those cute little hippy chicks that used to wear flowers, get tattoos, and sleep with everybody?

Now ya know.

why women live longer



It’s also why boys need mothers.









Just too darn cute.  I only tried to be normal once, too.  Didn’t work for me either.



Emergency on aisle 7.  Emergency on aisle 7.  We need the jaws of life over here.

jaws of life





How did she get in there in the first place?

man bra





Really?  And the worst part is, his girlfriend seems OK with this.




neck tattoo






Maybe not ever…


stupid forehead







Was the label really necessary in this case?








Of course WE know better don’t we?

Chris VE-3



Chris Van Etten – underwear model extraordinaire.





smart girls












OMG.  It’s a smorgasbord. I’ll take a bite of each please.

free to a good home





I found him. Can I keep him?


OK People.  I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog this last week.  Thanks so much.  But how about some more followers…and maybe a comment or two?

Belly Tattoos

I have been seeing more pictures of hunkalicious guys with great belly tattoos.  I’m not sure why – but I just love them. Uh, love the pictures, love the belly tattoos…love, love, love… belly tattoo










I don’t know who either of these guys are, but I drool anyway.

belly tattoo-2 










OK – what’s with these tats?  I love these, especially the one around his belly button.  This is Alejandro Corzo and there are tons of pictures of him if you Google his name.  I could only find one other picture of him (on his Facebook page) with these tattoos.  I hope this is a recent picture and they aren’t fake.  Anyhoo – he is a Spanish model and actor.  He has a website, is on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and can be seen at Model Management.  Check him out. belly tattoo-3









OK – I don’t love ALL the belly tattoos.belly tattoo-4 



What’s he going to do?  Shoot it off?




 Sigh…and He’s a Cowboy, too. belly tattoo-5









And my favorite belly tattoo…and one of my favorite guys…Umid. Umid -belly tattoo

Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About

Sometimes while searching through cyber space for hunky guys or romance related tidbits, I come across Things That are Just too Stupid to Talk About.  I’m taking a break today to show you some of the Just too Stupid things I have found recently.  I don’t want to know if you really think any of these things are a good idea.  Enjoy. 

It seemed like a better idea in the conceptual stage. elephant slide 







Then she said, “It’s OK.  I have the Jaws of Life on speed dial.” stupid playground 










 Really?  You couldn’t carry your ammo yourself? Lucy Dog







So I thought, I’ll fool everybody.  They won’t know if I’m coming or going. face tattoo









So then I said to myself, if I just had a way to hold it still so I could use both hands to start it…chainsaw 











There goes that motherhood of the year award – right out the window.motherhood 







 I don’t know.  I said to my friends I should just have stupid tattooed on my forehead.  Then I passed out. stupid 







Because friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone. stupid-golf










 I just couldn’t let that roadkill go to waste. slippers







Because it didn’t come with a sidecar. grocery store











And just to drool over…one of my favorite guys…Tanji.tanji-bad boy

Tattoos, Leather, and Testosterone

Bakersfield, CA Annual Toy Run toy run poster 

            I live in the most generous city in the United States…maybe even in the world.  Anytime there is a need, whether it is for coats, school supplies, food, toys, Bakersfield steps up.  Big Time.  There are many local churches and charities that sponsor these events, and not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.  But one of the biggest and best is the Annual Bakersfield Christmas Toy Run.


            Bakersfield’s Toy Run began 30 years ago with 50 riders.  This year 7,000 people on almost 6,000 motorcycles participated.  Along with classic car enthusiasts, ATV riders and off-roaders, they gathered in the 30 degree cold weather at Beach Park and rode for five miles to the Kern County Fairgrounds.  This is the biggest Toy Run in the state.

 toy run-2

Beach Park…December 8, 2013…

…30 degrees cold…


            This year 3,000 toys, one ton of food and $30,000 in cash were collected to help out our fellow Bakersfieldians.  The Toy Run partners with the Salvation Army, who says this event helps 1,000 families every year.

 toy run food 







Photos by Dana Polson from the Bakersfield Toy Run Facebook page.  toy run decorations







            After the ride, there were booths, food, and a live band at the fairgrounds.  I just kept wandering around…and around…and around…  There were Bikers for Jesus and Hell’s Angels…  There were more tattoos, leather and testosterone in any one place than I’ve ever seen.  I was in romance writers heaven…didn’t…want…to…leave…..

             I can honestly say that this ride was probably the most spectacular and memorable thing I have ever done.  P.S. – I ride behind my own hunky guy with the American Legion Riders, Post 26.

 Ahmed and Glen








                     Ahmed   and    Glen

My two favorite leather-wearing, testosterone driven, motorcycle maniacs…


And for those of you who come here to see pictures of hunkalicious men – here’s one just for you.  This is model Angel Macho…more on him to come. Kellen-Angelo

Tattoos – Part 2

Tattoos – Part 2

Now, here are some Great Tattoos…and one not so Great Tattoo.

Actually, this is the Not So Great Tattoo.  WTF.  Somebody tell me this isn’t a real tattoo.  Really, look closely at the picture.  I’m not even sure this is a real guy.  And that’s OK with me too.









This tattoo, however, can be a s real as it wants.  It’s one of the Really Great Tattoos. Along with the realy great abs…










Now THIS is a really, really spectacular tattoo… gary - 4 








And here’s the front side of that tattoo and that guy…

Gary taylor - tattoo 




This is Gary Taylor, a fitness model.  He is described on his facebook page as “father, friend, model, personal trainer, your inspriation.”  Gary was born in August 1986 and had a very challenging childhood.  He got a scholarship to play sports at Jefferson Davis CC, but was injured the first year and had to quit.  He really wants to be a fireman and a massage therapist, maybe have his own daycare and gym.  Anyone want to work out at his gym and then get a massage from him?  Anyone?  I thought so.  Anyhoo, I guess modeling and looking all hunkalicious is just a sideline for him.  He’s really shot to fame on the fitness modeling scene the last couple of years.  He is raising two daughters on his own, and by all accounts is one of the all around nicest guys on the planet.

 gary - 6




Gary is the cover model and inspiration for the main character Gunner in the romance “Wanted” by Kelly Elliott.



 With lips like that, he doesn’t even need the abs and tattoos…well…OK…maybe…

gary - lips









Merry Christmas everyone…

gary - santa




Tattoos – Part 1

Tattoos – Part 1

 A permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment.  Pretty simple definition.  Tattoos, however, are anything but simple.  First a little history.

The practice of tattooing is at least several thousand years old, but the English word tattoo is relatively recent. The explorer Captain James Cook introduced the word to the English language.  The earliest reference to the verb tattoo is found in his 1769 diary.  The word tattoo originates from the Tahitian word “tatu” meaning to mark something.  The Polynesian word “tatao” meaning to tap may also have influenced the word tattoo.

 Otzi the Iceman, found frozen in the Otzal Alps in 1991, is one of the oldest examples of tattooing.  He has 57 carbon tattoos; a line of dots down his spine, behind his left knee, and on his right ankle.  Otzi lived 5,500 years ago.


Otzi the Iceman

Wall paintings from ancient Egypt show they were tattooing at least 4,000 years ago.  From there the practice spread to Persia, Arabia, Crete, Greece, and China.  During the Roman Empire criminals and slaves were marked for identification. In Asia tattoos were used to show social status or in religious ceremonies.  The Norse, Danes, and Saxons tattooed their family crests on themselves.  In 787 AD Pope Hadrian banned tattooing, however, it remained popular until the Normans invaded in 1066. The Normans did not like the practice of tattooing and tattoos disappeared in Europe from the 12th to the 16th centuries.


Prince Giolo, the Painted Prince

In 1691, the sailor William Dampier brought a heavily tattooed Polynesian named Prince Giolo to London.  However, tattooing in Europe did not become popular until the late 1700s when Captain James Cook brought another tattooed Polynesian named Omai back to London.  Soon many of the upper class were getting small tattoos in places that couldn’t be seen. But the process of tattooing was painstakingly slow, each puncture of the skin having to be done by hand and then the ink applied.

So, tattooing didn’t really catch on until 1891 when Samuel O’Reilly invented that first electronic tattoo machine, with its basic design of moving coils, a tube and a needle.  These days anybody can get a reasonably priced and quick tattoo.

This is Olive Oatman, reported to be the first tattooed woman in the US.  Make that white woman, since many Native American groups tattooed women.  She was kidnapped by the Yavapai in 1851 and a year later traded to the Mojave who adopted her.  Chin tattooing by the Mojave was thought to be a means of identification in the afterlife.  She was traded by the Mojave to Cavalry soldiers at age 19.


And from Olive’s tribal tattoos we have now evolved to this…

Tattoo lady

Really ladies?  A couple cute little butterflies or flowers here and there – OK – but this? What’s the point?





Hunkalicious Pics of the day



Uh. Guys.  Over here.  My house is on fire.  I know because I just started it.


Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 3


OK.  We all know this isn’t about the tattoos.  It isn’t about those hunkalicious abs either.  And it isn’t even about the fact that we know he is NEKID below the bottom of that picture.  No.  This is about those stunning, amazing blue eyes.  Well, maybe we like the tattoos, and the abs, and the NEKID part too…

This is Bobby Creighton.  Not hard to find him.  His name is everywhere.  He is a top male fitness and underwear model.  No really.  Underwear…  Google him.

I will even forgive him for not having long hair.  Just keep the bandana on Bobby.  We can always pretend it’s long.  Not actually having long hair puts you out of the running for the Number One spot.  Sorry.  But you’re still in the top ten.

Now we come to this guy.  He is all over the Internet, TV, magazines.  He has his own Web site, Twitter, Iphoneogram, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube videos.  Yesiree, Ash Armand is featured on the web site  and the Showtime reality series Gigolos (seasons 3&4).  He is a model, actor, and fitness buff of East Indian heritage with, of course, exquisite hair.  He is described as a love guru ‘who enjoys the beauty and mystery of this sensuous world’ and is also described as a ‘sensual warrior living to elevate others and the Self.’  I think the 60’s were just way too good to his parents.


Even though he is defined in a number of ways, basically this guy is a Male Escort.  He charges outrageous amounts of money to spend time with you.  But don’t confuse him with a male prostitute. Noooooo.  Women pay him to escort them to fashionable events, go on vacation with them, to give them massages.  Did I mention that he’s also a masseuse?  They pay him to basically be super duper eye candy and spend quality time with them.  Any sex they may have is optional and outside that time/money arrangement.  And it’s totally free.  Yes really.  Absolutely free.  That’s what makes him NOT a male prostitute.  The sex is free, it’s his time you pay for.  Of course if I was paying that much money to spend quality time with him, whether I’m participating or just watching, he better be banging somebody.  Google him and read all about it.


And that reality show Gigolos.  Well.  One reporter (go to ) tracked down one of the women that supposedly hired one of the guys (not Ash).  She said she was an actress/model and was hired, as in PAID, to ACT the part of a woman hiring the Gigolo.  She said she considered it just an acting gig and, oh yeah, by the way, the sex was simulated.  Sooooooo, in spite of the fact that they were rubbing intimate body parts all over each other, he was never really, actually, truly, in fact, inside her.  Whew!  That’s good to know.  I mean, seeing as it was prime time TV and all.

Anyway, back to Ash.  He is into modeling, acting, fitness, sex, healthy eating, meditating, zen, sex, dancing, reading, massage therapy, sex, martial arts, giving sexual advice, being an entrepreneur, sex, philosophy, yoga, traveling, sex.  OK, you get it.

His life partner, with whom he has an ‘open relationship’ attended the Institute for Advanced Human Sexuality in San Francisco (really? where else would it be?) and she is a sexual empowerment coach who helps people in areas of sexual issues.  On her Facebook page (Sexualiberator) she says that sex should always be connected to love.  Of course she is quoting someone else, but why would she put the quote on her page if she didn’t believe it?  And Ash is having sex with EVERYBODY, or at least anybody who will pay him for his time.  Does he love them all?  Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical?  I mean, if you want to screw everybody, and your life mate doesn’t mind, well, that’s OK with me too.  Just call it what it is.