OK everyone…time for some very hunkalicious men…

lick the screen

Let’s start with the gorgeous Kent Edwards…

Kent Edwards

Oh those amazing eyes.  Think there aren’t any eyes more amazing than this.  Think again.

Mohammad Amin Moshtaghan…

mohammad amin moshtaghan

Incredible eyes.

And moving on to Clement Becq…

clement becq


Gary Taylor…

Gary Taylor

Looks like too much fun…

Flavio and Gustav Mendoca.

flavio & gustavo mendoca

Twins…God is good…

Have no idea who they are, but God was very, very good to us when She created these three gorgeous guys…


On the left is Joem C. Bayawa, the photographer.

Ryan MMA fighter

On the right is his new model Ryan from Wisconsin, an MMA fighter.  No other information on him, though Joem promises some soon.  I hope so…I so really want to cyber stalk Ryan…he’s just too cute.

I’ll leave you with a little humor…

kangaroo baby

Maybe a lot of humor…

Barbie-GI Joe

OK….can’t do it…just have to leave you with Gary.


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Twins intrigue us.  Especially identical twins.  Two people who look exactly alike.

Here’s some fun facts about identical twins…

The chance of having identical twins is 1 in 285 births.  They may be identical in every other way…but their fingerprints are not identical.  Women who are tall and women who eat a lot of diary are more likely to have twins.  Mothers of twins tend to live longer and Moms expecting twins tend to have more morning sickness.

Twins interact with each other in the womb as early as 14 weeks.  Almost half of all twins invent their own language.

Remember this movie?  One twin got all the good genes and the other twin got all the bad genes.  Just hysterical.  But thank God that’s not the way it really works.


Noooooo….this is the way it works…


For God so loved the world that She gave us not one hot guy, but two hot guys who look just like one another.


Troy and Travis Cannata




Mathew and Marco Lobaton




Alex and Charlie Kotze



Joey and Jason Barbera



And every once in a while God loves us soooo much She gives us three hot guys who look like each other…


Nick, Craig, and Ryan Karshner



Miles, Jordan, and Lance Tindall



Hey!!  October is almost over…you know what that means…

Paul Blake wear pink

Paul Blake


pink hunk

SO, have you made that appointment yet?

cancer tattoo - 2


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