It’s the Fourth of July everybody……Celebrate



Celebrate with a veteran…

BT Urruela

B T Urruela, US Army, Purple Heart

http://www.facebook.com/BTUrruela/info?tab=page_info           http://www.bturruela.com/

Earl Granville National Guard

Earl Granville, National Guard

http://www.facebook.com/GranvilleEarl        https://instagram.com/earlgranville/

Giddeon Connelly

Gideon Connelly, US Air Force



need a minute

Bryan Anderson US Army

Bryan Anderson, Army, Purple Heart

Redmond Ramos Navy Corpsman

Redmond Ramos, Navy Corpsman



Brad Ivanchan, Chris Van Etten, Alex Minsky with the check donated by Michael Stokes Photography.  Michael is coming out with a new book soon.  Check his page for information.   https://www.facebook.com/MichaelStokesPhotography

Thank you all for your service and your sacrifice.

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can you stand a picture of the two cutest little patriots EVER.



Moscow Express

Found this great band I have fallen in love with.  This is Mike Michels.  He plays in the band.


This is not a mug shot…it’s a picture from his Google Page.

Mike Michels

Mike lives in the Netherlands.  He’s an English teacher and excels at martial arts.

Sensei Mike M

I first made friends with him through a mutual Facebook friend in England.  Last week Mike posted this on YouTube.


It’s called “Bigfoot Don’t Live Here Anymore”.  It’s a really cute song, got a great catchy tune.  I haven’t been able to get out of my head.  I’m still singing the chorus.

This one is called Queen Anne’s Revenge.  Great harmonies.


There are a couple of other songs on YouTube also – check them out.  And visit their Facebook page:



I promise I’ll get back to the hunky men pictures with my next blog.  Oh Jeeze…no I won’t.  OK…I’ll do it now…

guitar 3

Did you know:

Musicians Really ARE Sexier: Scientists find that carrying a guitar increases your chance of getting a date by a third

An article in the Daily Mail describes three studies that show that women are more attracted to men with guitars.

guitar 1

Professor Nicolas Gueguen, a behavioral sciences researcher at the University of South Brittany found that carrying a guitar can increase the chances of you getting a date by a third.  The study found that women were 31% more likely to give their number to a man carrying a guitar. That was double the amount of women who would give their number to the same man when he was empty-handed or carrying a gym bag.

Go here to read the entire article:


guitar 2
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Alex Minsky and Brad Ivanchan – Thanks for your Service

Alex - uniform




OK.  Did you all see Alex Minsky on The View a couple of days ago.  You can see it at my Facebook page www.facebook.com/katie.morningstar.71   I checked YouTube, but I couldn’t find it.  There are several other YouTube videos of Alex though, including interviews with Jay Leno and the Today Show.  Go check them out, along with his Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/AlexMinskyFanPage

alex - 1








Alex is also on the cover of a new book – Fighting to Forget by JB Salsbury – to be released April 15, 2014.  www.facebook.com/JBSalsburybooks

Alex - book cover








Here’s another American Hero for you.  Brad Ivanchan.

Brad - uniform




U.S. Marine Cpl. Brad Ivanchan was born in 1988 and grew up with a sister and brother in the Phoenix/Glendale, Arizona area.  He joined the Marines in 2008 and was deployed to both Iraq and the South Pacific as a machine gunner before deploying to Afghanistan.  While in Afghanistan, Brad stepped on a pressure plate, setting off an improvised explosive device that severed his right leg below the knee, his left leg above the knee, and damaged his left hand.  Afterwards he underwent 11 surgeries at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

Brad - Iraq-2




Brad in Iraq

Less than 3 months after his injury he was approached by Tim Medvets.  Tim is an ex-biker and avid climber who runs a non-profit called The Heroes Project (www.theheroesproject.org).  The Heroes Project takes severely wounded Vets and gives them a second chance at life through climbing some of the tallest peaks in the world.  Brad signed on immediately and started training in the mountains surrounding L.A and San Diego. Within 9 months of losing his legs he became the first double amputee in the world to climb Mt.Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak at 22,840 ft. in elevation.  He says he went from the lowest point in his life to the highest point in his life in less than 9 months.  And he feels he is living proof that no matter what life throws your way that you can forge on and overcome those obstacles.  There are truly no bounds to what the human spirit can achieve!

On Mt.Aconcagua – Brad hiked up 22,840 feet

Brad - Mt






Brad is on Facebook and has a website.



And guess what else he’s doing?  No really.  OK, you guessed right.  He’s modeling.

Brad - 1








brad - 2







Alex and Brad – Thanks for your Service – Thanks for your Sacrifice.  Semper Fi.

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Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4


                 The lady that publishes the 21st Century Skins Calender describes Martin Sensmeier as “drop dead gorgeous”.  Boy Howdy.  And also fantastically photogenic, stunningly beautiful, breathtakingly handsome…  How many more adjectives can I come up with?  As many as it takes.


          Yeah.  Drop dead gorgeous says it all.

Martin grew up in Yakutat, Alaska and belongs to the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan Tribes.  He spent five years working on an oil rig (can you imagine that) when a modeling opportunity presented itself.  In 2011 a series of modeling photos “went viral” and now modeling, acting, and motivational speaking gigs keep coming.  Yeah.

 He describes himself as adventurous, an outdoors man, and an avid basketball player.  He travels all over the world for speaking engagements.  Martin holds a liberal arts degree from Santa Monica College and can speak with a British accent.  He has also modeled for the 2011 21st Century Skins Calendar ( www.viewfp.com/ ) (www.facebook.com/pages/21st-Century-Skins-Native-Male-Calendar/)

            Martin is a member of the Native Wellness Institute which promotes the well-being of Native people through programs and trainings that embrace the teachings and traditions of their ancestors.

 He has a facebook page and posts frequently.  He has twitter, iphoneogram,  instagram, and has videos on YouTube.  He also has a wordpress blog, where he writes some poetry, but he hasn’t posted anything sense May.


 Did ya notice the eagle in that pic?

  www.facebook.com/MartinSensmeier   https://twitter.com/sensmeier 

 www.martinsensmeier.wordpress.com/   www.iphoneogram.com/u/49208896



             This is Nir Lavi.  He’s 30ish, from Israel, and has been modeling about 10 years.  Why haven’t I run across him before?  Uh, maybe because I wasn’t scouring the cyber universe like I have been the last few months…I’ve obviously been missing out on a lot.

 nir lavi 3

            Yesiree, another man with incredible blue eyes and a look that says “Excuse me.  Do you need CPR?  I can help with that.”  He models for high end fashion names like Armani and Valentino and does a lot of runway work.  Other than that…I don’t know.  He has a Facebook page, but has only posted on it once in the past year. 

Nir Lavi-2

Big sigh………..