More Stupid Stuff

 Here’s another one of those Motherhood of the Year Awards right out the window..

baby and squirrel


Does this happen often enough that they have to make a sign for it?

aligator sign


Just another fun family outing…

motherhood of the year award

I’ll just finish this real quick while they are in the pool…

drinking squirrel


Really? Was this the only place you could think of to take a sexy picture?

sexy bathroom fail


Forget our socks did we?

crocs tan


This is just too cute.

Lucy - dog


I think it would be a better shot if you moved just a little to your right.



boys with no clothes

Isn’t that on every mom’s laptop?

Yep…I think it is…



Stuart Reardon – oh look, he comes with directions.

comes with directions

Just waiting for a little gust of wind…



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9 thoughts on “More Stupid Stuff

  1. Big fat grin across my face here! Where do you find all the good stuff in an Internet full of rubbish? Fabulous!
    Love the girl with the laptop. Excellent men with no clothes on. I’d be a far more regular visitor to the woods if it was populated by buff guys with strategically-placed leaves lying around. A case of ‘if you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise!!!’ 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun pictures. . .I enjoyed the squirrel with the child. However, the sign was hilarious and I’m with you, how often does that happen?

  3. I came across you when I was looking at pictures of Umid and trying not to cry. I really enjoy your posts and sent you a friend request on Facebook x

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