Abibliophobia – Tsundoku

How to use this book





I recently learned two new words.  The first word is abibliophobia.  It is defined as “an intense, all consuming fear of running out of things to read.”

One article said abibliophobia is an “amusing vocabulary item composed of the Greek prefix a (meaning not) + biblio (book) + o + phobos (fear) + ia (a nominal suffix).  Yeah, I guess.  The article went on to say the word abibliophobia is correctly constructed, so you can use it without breaking any rules of English grammar.  Great.  I’ll be getting that into my everyday vocabulary right away.

Sarah Wendell over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com  loves the word so much she had an illustrated definition made for the word.









The word even has its own Facebook page.  The page was started in October 2012, has three posts on it, and 12 people like it. www.facebook.com/pages/Abibliophobia  Guess the word isn’t catching on as fast as they thought.

I sometimes get a little anxious when I don’t have a book I am actively reading, but I don’t think I have abibliophobia.  No.  I couldn’t possibly have it.  Because there is this word.  Tsundoku.  This is a Japanese word pun from tsumu – to pile up, and doku – to read.  It means the “act of leaving a book unread after acquiring it, typically piled up together with other such unread books.”

Yep.  That’s me.  The bookshelves are stuffed full.  Then there are boxes of books, baskets full of books, piles of books on desks, dressers, nightstand, end tables, the dining table, and on the floor in the corners.

pile of books








I wouldn’t have it any other way.

attention span








Leaving you with something enjoyable to read.

bedtime prayer





And something enjoyable to look at…Stuart Reardon.  Google him.  Drool.  Try not to lick the screen.

Stuart Reardon




How the hell did he keep that in place?

4 thoughts on “Abibliophobia – Tsundoku

  1. “No. I couldn’t possibly have it.” Yes, you could, and in fact probably do. It is this dread fear of not having something to read that induces you to indulge piles and stacks of unread books. Well, that’s one of the reasons. 😉

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